Making the Movement More Inclusive

December 5, 2017

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. While the old limericks definitely ring true, I’m starting to feel that spice is going out of style. Within the past thirty years or so, I have noticed that femininity has been falling out of fashion. As a Mulan aficionado, nobody can say that I won’t opt for a princess that kicks ass, but somehow, my brand of femininity has become similar to the era of dinosaurs… extinct. Though I do enjoy wearing an impractical dress with heels a little too high for my Achilles, I will stand up for any human being and their right to an equal opportunity. In recent years, however, has anyone noticed that embracing the typical feminine perspective has led to the onslaught of anti feminist rants? Why does a movement towards inclusivity feel the need to be so damn exclusive?


Photo: Allie Smith on Unsplash  


If your heel is above three inches, or if you’re a male who enjoys a companion's cooking, or if you are a woman that likes the door being held, or if you’re anyone that lives their life conforming to their typical socially constructed gender norm, it seems that you must be outed by society. This has become a way to promote an important and necessary movement, yet it contradicts the initial intention of the movement. We’ve all become too judgmental and self-righteous when attempting to express these ideas. We are now forcing everyone to forget about the true value of feminism. We are all equal and we are allowed to express ourselves to the fullest, whether that be in a pair of pumps or some sneakers.   


Keri Watters is a twenty-year-old junior at Concord University majoring in pre-professional Biology. Before medical school, she aspires to join the Peace Corps or further her education with a masters degree. Keri is a passionate volunteer worker and vegetarian who hopes to inspire change through a multitude of mediums. She hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spends her free time shopping, drinking coffee, and watching old movies.


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