Making Ourselves Useful After A Disaster

December 11, 2017

This year, the Earth has been hit by several natural disasters all over the world. Some of them have left huge, life-changing marks on the people who were affected, while others have been just a bad experience for all. When we talk about natural disasters, it can sometimes start to sound meaningless, but once you have been directly impacted by a natural disaster, you start to realize the extent of the terror that it can cause.


 Photo: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash



Nature is something that we can’t really fight with. It’s a simple fact that nature will always be stronger than us. Because of this, we must start to think about how we can provide assistance to the innocent victims in order to finally get them back to their normal lives.


Here are some ideas that could help cities or countries after huge disasters:


The first option is to make a donation. It could be any type of donation, ranging from money to clothes or food. Try to make an effort by sharing some of your things with people in need. This will always be helpful, and when it comes to money, make sure the organization is real and has an actual plan for the fund. Try to look up which charity matches all of your desires and values.


The second option(it’ll probably sound weird) is to talk about the place that was impacted. If you are from the affected area, or if you have been there or even grown up there, you can try to spread the word about how amazing the place was. You can talk about all of the memories you made there so that people will feel the desire to recreate those wonderful places once again.


The third one, and maybe the best one, is to visit the place that was affected and you can donate your time by helping with the repairs. Some disasters could completely destroy a city, and there is always a way to help in a hands-on way.


For example, I live pretty close to Mexico City, a city that recently suffered from a strong earthquake. During the first few weeks after this tragic event, there was a lot of chaos with so many people trying to come visit. Thankfully, the government and the citizens moved very fast so that the City would be back on track as soon as possible.


We are all living with the constant fear of another shake, but I guess that’s natural. To be honest, it is something that we will never be able to predict and control. However, it is crucial that we don’t just live our lives in constant fear of a disaster, so once the place has it’s rhythm again, look for any attraction or art exposition and pay a visit to the place. All the money you spend there will help restore their economy and it will also attract more visitors in the future. This is a fun way to help without getting in the way.


It will take months, and maybe even years, for some of these places to look like they used to. As human beings, we should really ask ourselves how we can help and what we can do after so much chaos.


My name is Valeria García González. I’m 24, born and raised Mexican.  Majoring in fashion design, women empowerment supporter, sunset and shoe lover. Fun fact: I talk too much, people ask if I talk to myself when I’m all alone and yes… I do!


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