Millennials Defying Stereotypes: Mary Duggan

December 17, 2017

There are so many entries for the Millennials Defying Stereotypes form that I’m going to post a lot of them in the upcoming days! Today we are featuring 22-year-old Mary Duggan from She describes herself as a designer, yogi, writer, stylist, photographer, and world traveler. She had some great answers, so go ahead and read them below!


AM: What’s your definition of a millennial?


MD: As a 90’s baby, I believe that millennials are a tech-savvy, collaborative group of individuals who are ambitious experience-seekers.


AM: How are you defying the millennial stereotype?


MD: Millennials are often stereotyped as lazy, but boy, that is so far from the truth! Sure, some of us may take midday naps, but can you really blame us for catching up on Z's when we stay up late studying, wake up early for class, and try to maintain a social life in between?


In my own experience, I defy this stereotype by trying my best to be a well-rounded twenty-something. I’m an intern, a student, a friend, a girlfriend, a daughter, a photographer, a blogger, and a traveler. Also, I give my all to each of these respective titles. However, I’m busy because I want to be, not because I’m trying to defy the stereotype!


Photo: Alix Maza on Unsplash 


AM: Why do you think your stereotype is so rampant?


MD: I think it’s a combination of how the media portrays millennials and how millennials portray themselves. The media tends to focus too much on certain aspects of our lifestyles, such as being lazy. Furthermore, when people share their successes on social media, it is often misinterpreted as a “humble brag.” Yet, when we don’t voice our accomplishments, they aren’t heard. It’s a bad cycle that allows the lazy millennial stereotype to live on.


AM: What can other young people do to defy that misnomer?


MD: Don’t let the stereotypes define you! Own your successes and your failures.


AM: What do you want the public to know about millennials?


MD: You can group us based on the year we were born, but you can’t generalize our capabilities, tendencies, or accomplishments. We are a diverse generation with a unique set of skills and shortcomings. No two millennials are exactly alike, and that should be celebrated.



I’m Alix Maza, a 24-year-old writer and blogger. I’m also a college student at West Texas A&M University majoring in PR/advertising and possibly minoring in marketing. I’m also an avid reader, coffee addict, and dog lover.  



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