The Truth Behind Tacos

December 19, 2017

Tacos in Mexico never look like you think they’re supposed to, no matter what country you’re from. Since we make tacos out of everything, causing there to be hundreds of different types of tacos, none of them look like the ones that people from countries are used to.


A taco is basically a warm corn tortilla filled with whatever you put inside. You can also find flour tortilla tacos, but in northern Mexico, they are usually called burritos and they have scrambled eggs inside.


 There is no such thing as a “soft tortilla” or a “hard-shell taco.” Tortillas are always soft, no matter what they are made of. We also have something called a ‘tostada,’ and that could either be a dried tortilla or a fried tortilla, making it completely flat and crunchy.


As I said before, we have many kinds of tacos, but here is a small guide of the most popular ones.


1. Taco

Tortilla with meat, beans, or any traditional Mexican dish, with a spoonful of your favorite salsa. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


2. Tacos dorados

Literally, they are fried tacos. These are made out of chicken and you have to roll the tortilla and put it in the pan with a lot of oil. When it is ready, you can top it with cream, shredded fresh cheese, lettuce, and some amazing guac and salsa of your choice. You can also make this out of red meat, but those are called flautas, and the tortilla is longer than usual. We mostly eat these at lunchtime.


3. Tacos de Pastor

This is what we eat after a night out. You can find them everywhere at anytime, but it is most common to eat them at night. This type of taco is not very common to cook at home. They are made with a specific marinade sauce called “Pastor,” and the tortilla is half the size of a regular one. You top it with cilantro, onion, pineapple, a gallon of lime juice, and salsa of your choice.


4. Tacos de Canasta or Tacos Sudados

These are also made with small tortillas, and they are usually made with beans, potatoes, shredded meat, and another other filling that I honestly wouldn’t be able to describe. This specific type of taco is served for breakfast and the regular serving size is 5 pieces- usually one of each flavor. ‘Canasta’ means basket, and ‘sudados’ means sweaty. They have that name because they are usually kept inside a basket and they are also kept inside plastic bags so they will stay at the same temperature. They are “sweaty” because of the steam that accumulates inside the plastic bag or wrap.


My name is Valeria García González. I’m 24, born and raised Mexican.  Majoring in fashion design, women empowerment supporter, sunset and shoe lover. Fun fact: I talk too much, people ask if I talk to myself when I’m all alone and yes… I do!



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