Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know

January 3, 2018

Many people say that our world is becoming more dangerous as the days go on. Granted, we do live in a world filled with terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and natural disasters, as well as many other things that we have unfortunately become accustomed to. Nevertheless, it is unbelievable that we are so paralyzed by this violence, and there seems to be few efforts in place to prevent it. Rather than just being silent, we should be more vocal and share safety tips that will help all individuals, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.


Photo: Timothy Eberly on Unsplash  


We should think about our everyday habits, and we must evaluate whether they are detrimental or beneficial to our overall safety. We should be doing all that we can to prevent these devastating events in order to keep us safe. I believe that every individual should know the followings tips:


While I do feel as though this tip is very well known, I must remind everyone, especially young people, to never go anywhere alone. As kids, we were always told to never go anywhere alone, and the buddy system really does work wonders. Many attackers don’t want to attack someone if they are in a group; they’d prefer to just attack one individual who is alone and more vulnerable.


Download the app SafeTrek (it is available on both Apple and Android phones). This app has advanced technology that allows you to get a hold of 911, and it lets emergency responders get a hold of your location with a simple tap of a button in a matter of seconds.


When traveling or going anywhere abroad, making it obvious that you are a tourist is the worst thing you can do. It points you out in a very obvious manner, making you an easy target.


 If you are ever at a party, don’t leave your drink unattended and always pour your own drink. My parents always reminded me about this tip too many times, but it is so important.


If you ever find yourself being chased, run in a zig-zag motion. It will exhaust your attacker.


Always tell at least one person where you are, regularly keeping a trusted individual updated about your whereabouts.


If you have ever seen the movie Miss Congeniality featuring Sandra Bullock, the self-defense strategy of S.I.N.G. that Bullock references in the movie would successfully work against an attacker.


S: The ‘S’ stands for Solar Plexus, or more commonly known as the spot between your chest and ribs. When someone is hit there, it causes them to get the wind knocked out of them because they didn’t expect to be getting hit there.


I: The ‘I’ stands for instep, or the action of stepping on someone’s foot after striking them in the gut. Please note: It’s best if you drag your heel on the shin and then onto the foot. Also, if the attacker is wearing steel-toed boots, this method won’t work as well.


N: The ‘N’ stands for nose. Everyone has been hit in the nose, and it hurts, right? This is due to the fact that the nose is made out of soft cartilage, so it is easier to break.


G: The ‘G’ stands for groin, the last and best spot to easily immobilize your opponent.


If you make sure to use all four components of the S.I.N.G. method, you should be able to successfully break free from your opponent’s grasp.



Michaela Kowalski is a seventeen-year-old photographer, writer, and college student. She has been living in New Hampshire all of her life and is currently majoring in Marketing with a minor in Public Relations. Michaela loves to inspire and give back. She also hopes to one day have a successful travel and food blog because of her love for food, travel, and photography.

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