18 Things I Learned In My 18 Years

January 9, 2018

This kind of article has been around for a long time, and I’ve always enjoyed this type of content because it is truly raw and authentic, and that’s exactly what we need in this world. In addition to that, it’s a great list of advice that someone has gathered all in one place, and I just love that. Up until this past year, I thought that I didn’t have enough original ideas to express. However, 2017 was one of the best and worst years of my life due to a variety of circumstances, and as a result, I grew as an individual.



Here are the eighteen things that I learned at 18:


  1. Self-doubt will be your downfall.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with having a self-love day- just don’t let it consume you or your overall well-being.

  3. Spotify Premium and a nice cup of coffee will always make your soul happy and it is worth the money you spend on them.

  4. You are always beautiful, but even more so at your weakest points.

  5. Be transparent with your emotions, and do not settle for simply being okay.

  6. Stop sleeping in your makeup, you are better than that.

  7. You can never have enough mauve lipsticks… but you should probably stop buying them.

  8. Call your Mom more often and tell her how much you appreciate what she does for you.

  9. Don’t wear makeup just because you think you need to. Do it to embrace the beauty you already have.

  10. Don’t over pluck your brows or wax them too much. Your bold brows are beautiful.

  11. Instagram feeds are dumb and it shouldn’t give you so much anxiety. Just post what makes you happy.

  12. It’s okay to change. Sometimes you just need to find yourself, so don’t get mad when other people change. Change is growth.

  13. Scrunchies may just be a fashion trend, but your hair will feel so much better when you use them over an elastic hair band.

  14. Stick to your skincare routine- you will feel so much better about yourself when your skin is mostly clear. So stop hiding behind your mop of a hair- it’s just making your acne worse.

  15. That little tummy you have is adorable, and so are your thick thighs and your bubble-butt, so don’t feel self-conscious about them. It makes you, you!

  16. Tell the people you love that you love them more often.

  17. You can never go wrong with a home cooked meal over a frozen one, especially when it was made by your Mom or Grandma.

  18. Lastly, it will be all okay. Seriously.


Michaela Kowalski is a seventeen-year-old photographer, writer, and college student. She has been living in New Hampshire all of her life and is currently majoring in Marketing with a minor in Public Relations. Michaela loves to inspire and give back. She also hopes to one day have a successful travel and food blog because of her love for food, travel, and photography.

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