Let's Talk: Time's Up

January 12, 2018


Every Friday our Step Up community responds to a specific topic with their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Today we are discussing the Time's Up Movement.  



Emily Rose Thorne: On one hand, the Time's Up movement is an empowering and timely start to the new year: in the wake of #MeToo and the Women's March, it represents that we won't wait any longer for the world to change in response to these movements. On the other, it forces me to realize just how long the world has ignored our messages and permitted women to be disrespected, oppressed, abused, interrupted and silenced. I am forever in awe of those who use their platforms to champion change, and as a feminist, I support anything that gives women a platform to speak out about their experiences. However, the fact that we still need to fight for equality in 2018 frustrates me and makes me wonder when those in leadership, especially within the government, will actually put into action what we have brought to their attention through these movements.



Meagan Donovan: The Time’s Up movement is so important but we still have to be diligent about being about the movement and not just being about hash tagging it. Do your own research and hold yourself and those around you to the standards that we are finally expecting of Hollywood. Question things that don’t seem right and most importantly, take care of yourself and those you love. This is just the beginning.








Leslie Marsh: Although it was only created recently, I can tell that the Times Up movement will definitely be successful in spreading awareness about sexual harassment throughout the whole world. Additionally, I think that the movement's mission of fighting sexual violence in the workplace specifically will be really successful, because when you target a more specific audience, the issues being discussed tend to feel more personal to those hearing about it. Furthermore, I believe that sexual violence specifically in the workplace is an issue that is often overlooked, so it is great that we are having so many famous women talk about the importance of this issue, showing the world that sexual harassment can happen                                                   anywhere.



Linda Tran: I personally think the Time's Up movement is one step closer to equality and helping victims of sexual assault. It's great to see people come together to stand up for what's right. In order to see change, you first have to be the change you want to see. The Time's Up movement gives hope to millions of people that women don't have to live in constant fear and that they can be treated equally. 












Alexis Carpello: Time's Up because when should there ever have been a time when all of these actions were okay? I appreciate the harsh, blunt and demanding tone of the Time's Up Movement because I have never been able to understand why inequality and sexual harassment could be justified. I think 2018 has something big brewing around this. 












Anne Demarest: As a young woman trying to make her way in the world, I can understand how difficult it can be to feel safe from sexual harassment. Whether or not others want to admit that this is a real issue, I believe all women in some way or another have been made to feel uncomfortable by another person, even if it has been from simply walking down the street. 

I feel as though one way to possibly overcome these feelings is to be able to talk with a trusted friend or family member. It is important to discuss ways in how to respond to a situation, and on how we can properly defend ourselves. There is no excuse for being violated, and sexual harassment is simply unacceptable.



Olivia Stokes: Time’s Up is the perfect way to phrase our thoughts and feelings as we move forward. This reinforces that a new standard is expected in the future. As Oprah said, “A new day is on the horizon." Time’s Up one way we’re going to implement change.














Nicole Locorriere: I got chills reading the letter of solidarity that the women of the Time's Up movement sent back to the National Farmworker Women's Alliance. Although terrible circumstances brought these women together, I think it's amazing that women from such vastly different walks of life have come together to support this common cause. It gives me hope that one day, people with other difficult differences might be able to put them aside and get along.













Emma Berry: In my opinion, it is about time a movement like Time’s Up became widely recognized and supported. Sharing stories gets people talking and thinking, but Time’s Up is about action.













Allanah Taylor: I stand in solidarity with the Time's Up movement and all of the women and men around the world who have experienced inequality and injustice. I love seeing all of the positivity that this movement has already brought, such as raising their goal of $16 million in just under two weeks. I think this movement and the women behind it are going to do great things this year.





Jacqueline Garcia: Almost every actress wore black gowns at the Golden Globes, standing up for the survivors of every form of sexual misconduct. The Time’s Up movement gives courage to more people to speak up and gives hope to see progress for everyone to have a chance to show their talents, especially women, minorities and members of the LGBTQ community.





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