6 Documentaries That Will Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

January 13, 2018

When motivation hits an all-time low, I love to binge watch my favorite shows and movies, but sometimes it turns into a dark hole and I get even less motivated! Sound familiar? To avoid this, add these documentaries to your list of must-see documentaries and get ready to be inspired!


              Photo: Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash 


1. Miss Representation

From a young age, women read magazines that have beautiful models or celebrities on the cover who all seem to have the “perfect” body. This film discusses how mainstream media portrays women negatively, pressuring women to reach an unattainable look of beauty. This documentary voices the opinion that this perceived requirement of beauty is hurting the self-esteem of all females and it is imperative that we demand change about this poor and unfair representation of women.


2. Mad Hot Ballroom

1… 2… 3… step! Fifth graders from public schools in New York City learn traditional ballroom dancing, such as the rumba and the tango! This film shows students from different neighborhoods of the city, including TriBeCa, Washington Heights, and Brooklyn. We see the kids progress from the beginning to the end, seeing what happens from the start all the way until the students compete in the dance competition.


3. Hungry for Change

We’ve heard it time and time again- cut sugar and sodium, don’t diet, and eat your veggies! After watching this, you might actually start to follow those healthy habits. ‘Hungry for Change’ talks about how dieting isn’t effective and it exposes the dangers behind processed and unnatural foods. The personal stories, in particular, might inspire you to get more active and eat right!


4. King’s Speech

This one isn’t really a documentary but it has the most inspiring story that I just had to share! ‘The King’s Speech’ takes us through the personal struggles of George “Bertie” VI as he takes the crown. His stutter makes him seem less qualified to be a leader and he soon receives help from a speech therapist. The lessons with the therapist are filled with humor that will have you laughing out loud.


5. Man On Wire

Are you trying to conquer your fears this year? This documentary demonstrates that if you put your mind to it, it’s possible. High-wire artist Philippe Petit walked between the Twin Towers in New York on a tightrope without any safety precautions. Talk about conquering your fears! It was nerve-wracking and exhilarating to watch.


6. Half The Sky

‘Half The Sky’ is so applicable to some of the events happening in our world right now! It showcases women who are fighting for gender equality in every country across the globe. It is very uplifting and powerful, and it makes us realize that we need to continue to fight and stop taking ‘no’ for an answer.


My name is Jackie Garcia and I am 21 years old, majoring in Media Arts and Design. When I'm not busy with school or writing, I love to travel, dance and watch re-runs of "New Girl.”

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