A Letter to My Younger Self

January 24, 2018

Dear Michaela,


You are soon going to learn that there’s more to you than the insecurities, self-doubt, and crippling confidence you find in yourself. There’s more to life than nitpicking at all of your flaws, and after 18 years, you’ll finally feel beautiful. I know that it’s difficult to see yourself in the midst of all your stick-thin friends while not feeling beautiful at all, but the truth is, you are beautiful. It will always be a part of you. Please know, there is nothing more beautiful than how your long brown hair just falls so effortlessly or the way that your blue-green eyes brighten when you talk about something you are passionate about. Hell, you are more than beautiful! You are extravagant, compassionate, and genuine, amongst many other beautiful qualities that you possess.




I’ll tell you now that your insecurities and self-doubt will be your downfall. Mom and Dad and your friends will push you to see past them, and of course you will be stubborn about it. However, when you finally give in, it will be one of the best decisions of your life. You are going to realize that you are capable of so much more than you ever imagined.


People may try to judge you for having bushy eyebrows or having curves, but screw them. You are not confined to one thing. You are so many things.


You are feminine and beautiful.

You are a sister and a friend.


Never look back at this period in your life as a waste of time; see it as a moment of growth. You learned from it.


Additionally, don’t worry so much about the future and just live in the moment. Screw those who have doubted you, labeled you, or judged you for being someone who didn't fit their standards. Do what makes you the happiest, and be the happiest version of yourself.


Say yes more often, as you’ll regret not doing certain things. Also, be selfish, despite how selfless you naturally are. You simply need time to improve your own well-being before jumping to help improve the well-being of everyone around you.











Michaela Kowalski is an eighteen-year-old, college freshman at a university in New Hampshire. She’s studying marketing and minoring in public relations and enjoys writing and journalism. She's also passionate about traveling, dogs, marathons of Netflix and spontaneous adventures. Regarding the future, she hopes to give back to countries in need. 

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