Finding Silver Linings

January 27, 2018

If you are anything like me, you tend to overreact or get overwhelmed when things that seem bad happen to you. We cannot deny these feelings; they are only normal and human. As I explained in a previous article, whatever you are going through will eventually pass.


Photo: Rajiv Bajaj on Unsplash  


So, how can you survive until the difficult situation passes?


The answer is a little more simple than you may realize. It may not be easy, but adjusting your focus to a silver lining is one awesome coping method that I highly recommend.


Not everything may be beautiful, but if we look close, we can find that there may be something small and beautiful in everything. It sounds cliche to say, and almost overused! For example, even when I was having a terrible day, I chose to think of how the day was challenging me to be out of my comfort zone.


There is a reason they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Instead of keeping our heads down and thinking of all the bad that is happening, we must choose to see the good.


If we can’t find anything positive, we should make the good. Perhaps that is exactly what the negative situation is trying to teach. Sometimes we need to create the silver lining in order to see it.


I truly believe that we all have the capability to be strong and endure anything that comes our way. Sometimes we just need a reminder to look for or create the silver lining.


My name is Anne Demarest. I am 21 years old and a senior at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa. My major is Fashion Merchandising, and I am currently finishing up a minor in Communications. I care deeply about making a positive change in the world, and am very passionate about mental health. My fun fact is that I dream of being a motivational speaker to help others realize their potential and inner beauty.

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