Let's Talk: Our Dream For The World

January 26, 2018



Emily Rose Thorne: This semester I have been reading Jonathan Haidt's book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. One line stood out to me as a response to this question. Haidt, a social psychologist, explains how different understandings of morality lead people to align with various political, social, and religious ideologies and advocates for learning to understand other people's thought processes before passing judgments on them. In the introduction of his book, he says, "I yearn for a world in which competing ideologies are kept in balance, systems of accountability keep us all from getting away with too much, and fewer people believe that righteous ends justify violent means." I agree with Haidt because I believe that understanding others and realizing that our own thinking can be flawed are the first steps to achieving equality.





Nicole Locorriere: My dream for the world would be for every person to just participate in one act of kindness per day, every day. Something small, like paying an expired parking meter or smiling more at strangers. If every person in the world did just one thing per day, the ripple effect would be unfathomably huge.





















Jackie Garcia: Some events in our world today leave us in moments of desperation, fear and helplessness, but I dream of a world where each one of us can express hope. Hope can come in many forms: doing what we can to extend ourselves to be kind to one another, taking our differences and coming together as one for a greater cause, and continuously hoping for better in the future. Once we let go of the anger and the hate, all we are left with is love. I dream to live in a world where everyone accepts one another and is kind to one another. 











Anne Demarest: My dream for the world is that everyone would be able to know love. There are many people across the globe who feel as though they are not worthy of love because they have never really been shown what it is. I think that, as a result, people would begin to change their actions, and there would be much less hatred in the world.  















Leslie Marsh: I hope to see a world where racism, sexism, and other issues of inequality aren't even matters that need to be discussed. Thanks to Martin Luther King, as well as so many other activists in our world, our country has come so far, and I think we can still progress even further. I dream of living in a world where young children would be shocked to hear their parents and teachers talking about how cruel people have been in the past when it comes to prejudices.











Yeshna D: In my dream world, there must be love, peace, light, equality, and respect. A place where everyone will be treated equally and fairly, where violence does not exist, where human rights are not breached. More like a perfect world, which I know, is next to impossible but we, young people can definitely build the world of our dreams. even if it is imperfect.









Emma Berry: My dream for the world is that all conflict would cease between everyone. This is obviously a very unrealistic dream right now, but world peace would definitely be the dream. 


















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