My Best Advice

February 10, 2018

Outgrowing people is normal. It’s a part of growing up, and it has nothing to do with who they are or who you are.


 Photo: Frame Harirak on Unsplash 


Rough times end up being lessons in disguise. Sometimes there is a bigger reason as to why you are going through certain struggles. Difficult situations always make you stronger and braver in the end. The next time you are going through a rough patch, then ask yourself, “how will this change me for the better?”


What is meant to be will be. Everything happens for a reason. Some doors close so that better ones will open. This is true for almost everything in life. Maybe you didn’t get the job you wanted, or possibly you and your boyfriend of 3 years just broke up. Even something as small as the shirt you see online being sold out still happens for a reason.  Start thinking about these situations differently. Maybe you didn’t end up getting the job because the universe knew that you would end up hating it. Maybe you and your boyfriend broke up because the timing just wasn’t right. Maybe you will meet back up in a year or two after you have both grown up a bit and it will feel as though nothing has changed. Lastly, for the shirt situation, you probably weren’t meant to spend 20 dollars on the shirt because you were going to find a cuter one in a store for less.


What’s coming is better than what’s gone. Enough said.


Positive thoughts create a positive day. By keeping a positive mindset, you tend to look at your day a little differently. Once you develop a positive mindset, the little things will stop getting to you, and in all honesty, you’ll start feeling better overall.


Hi, I am Jasmen Gordon a sophomore at Kent State University with major in fashion merchandise and a double minor in entrepreneurship and fashion media. I’m 19 years young with a passion for fashion and the heart of a lifestyle guru. On top of all that I’m a dancer as well. I love to stay busy but always make time for some sacred R&R. Random Fun fact: I like to drink speedy freezes and pretend I have everything figured out.

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