Let's Talk: News

February 9, 2018



Emily Rose Thorne: I follow a variety of news sources on social media from CNN to Fox News because I want to see what people all along the political spectrum are talking about and saying about a particular issue. That's also why I follow a number of politicians at the local, state and national levels whether or not I agree with their ideas. I have subscriptions to online newspapers in both my college town and my hometown, and I follow other local media as well to make sure I am as informed as possible. With social media, it's easier to keep up to date with things. As a college student, I don't have a lot of free time, so checking out what's going on using my phone is how I keep myself in the know.





Jackie Garcia: I love to watch the news on several platforms to listen to different interpretations of what is going on in our world today. I listen to all the television networks, especially NBC Nightly News. If I am short on time, I listen on my laptop and receive emails daily from The Skimm! Regardless of how you get the news, it is important to stay up to date with what is happening to be informed and play an essential role in our society. 











Allanah Taylor: Because of my love and passion for journalism, I am always staying up to date when it comes to news updates. My go-to news source would be CNN, with my favorite journalists being Anderson Cooper and Van Jones. 










Emma Berry: One of my favorite ways to get updates is to follow CNN and The Wall Street Journal and other news stations on Snapchat. It's the easiest way to get a quick update in between classes, and when I have more time I like to actually read articles online. 















Meagan Donovan: I get my news primarily from The Skimm and the New York Times Snapchat story. These sources give me a basis every morning for my day and then I can go to other sources for more information.
















Linda Tran: I stay up to date with the news through twitter. I'm not much of a television person but I do like to read articles about the news. But usually, I find all my information on twitter through trending topics or by someone retweeting something onto my timeline. After I read the tweets, most of the time, an article is linked in the tweet, but I do go on google to search it up to see how recent these events are and for more information.











Sara Kim: I enjoy reading the news on BBC and watching CNN. And when I am in a hurry, I head to twitter to read the news. 

















Anne Demarest: I get my news from the Huffington Post and the New York Times. I mostly enjoy the Huffington Post because one of my colleagues has written for them before - but I also like the variety of articles they present.














Malavika Kannan: One of my favorite underrated news sources is the New York Times' Snapchat story. Using engaging visuals and bite-sized snippets, they compile the day's major events into an informative ten-minute read. For busy millennials, it's a great way to stay updated when on the go!

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