Cape Town's Water Crisis

February 12, 2018

A city that is roughly the size of Los Angeles is on the verge of practically losing its entire water supply.


Cape Town, South Africa is experiencing a crisis. Authorities are saying that May 11th will be the day that the water will most likely be shut off; they are calling this day “day zero.” If this does, in fact, happen, a historic drought will affect nearly four million people on “day zero.”



Photo: tChris Lawton on Unsplash


If “day zero” becomes a reality, nearly 200 collection points will distribute strictly rationed water to residents, offering only about 6.5 gallons a day for their daily necessities, such as showering, bathing, and drinking.


I have never personally experienced the effects of a drought. I can only imagine the struggle it would cause. Everyday routines, such as doing the dishes and taking warm, comfortable showers are luxuries for those who suffer from droughts. With water being so attainable, it is easy for us to take these simple commodities for granted.


The dams in Cape Town that were once completely full a few years ago now stand at about a quarter of the normal capacity.


The question now becomes, how can we help the city of Cape Town in the middle of their crisis? It is possible to make a difference, even though we are far away from where the crisis is taking place.


For me personally, I will definitely do my part by really taking time to appreciate everything I have. Secondly, I will do what I can to conserve water where I live. Even though I am quite a distance from the drought, it is still the thought that counts.

Directly, we can all make a difference by donating even a small amount of money at This organization also offers water saving tips, as well as other ways we can make a difference in the lives of those who are being affected by the drought.


My name is Anne Demarest. I am 21 years old and a senior at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa. My major is Fashion Merchandising, and I am currently finishing up a minor in Communications. I care deeply about making a positive change in the world, and am very passionate about mental health. My fun fact is that I dream of being a motivational speaker to help others realize their potential and inner beauty.

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