Let's Talk: Networking

February 23, 2018




Jackie Garcia: Whether you are trying to score an internship this summer or apply for a job in the real world as a post-grad, networking is an essential skill to have to becoming successful in any field. When you meet someone new, tell them a little bit about yourself, something unique. This will help them remember you and possibly open up doors to new opportunities. 









Linda Tran: Add your coworkers and boss on Facebook. I wouldn't follow them on social media or Snapchat but Facebook is a good way to connect with them and stay in touch. Also, since social media is what I want to pursue in my life and blogging is what I want to successfully do, I've joined a few blogger Facebook groups. This helped me to meet other bloggers/social media influencers. I was also able to learn new tips and tricks, so I recommend joining Facebook groups in your niche because this lead me to make new friends, make connections, etc.






Pankhuri Kumar: I've realized that the best way to approach networking is with a smile! It puts me in a good mood, and the people I'm talking with are assured that I'm interested in the conversation. On some days, I might not be feeling the smile, but somehow I find my mood improving as I begin smiling. And the most important part is following up! Following up is key because it shows genuine interest in the conversation you had with someone. This is especially true if you met someone at a networking event. It's a great way to stand out and be remembered, as the other person may or may not remember too many details about the conversation but the act of following up shows them your interest.




Sara Kim: My best advice for networking is to have personal business cards on hand and prepare a thirty second elevator pitch about who you are and what position you are seeking. For me, I started off attending as many industry conferences as I could and really introducing myself to a lot of panelists and presenters. I created my own personal business cards with my name, school, class year, major, and a link to my personal online portfolio/website. These cards came in handy when I was ready to share my information with them and exchange contacts. 

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