A Letter To A Survivor

March 1, 2018

Dear Hero, Survivor, YOU…


Disbelief, heartbreak, pain: just a few of the words I use to describe what you are probably feeling right now. You are probably feeling confused, yet scared to understand why it all happened. The truth of the matter is that I may try to understand what you are going through, but I will truly never know. I don’t feel the same way you do because I am not you in this very moment. All I can do is write this letter expressing my feelings to you. It feels as though being okay is far from where you are right now, but I assure you that life, the world, people, and the universe are not as bad as they seem. 



Don’t lose faith in humanity. Even though this world we live in has slowly shattered, we can restore it to get back the peace we all want. It is not easy, and nothing ever is. I can say that at this very moment, you may have lost your hope of trusting and your hope of feeling safe, and that is understandable because not too long ago, you experienced something that no one should ever experience. In this moment, you must trust the people who are showing you their love and holding you tight.


I am here for you, just like the other millions of people who are here by your side. We need to stand together and be united. We were all affected by the first shot known, and now we are in disbelief of what that day has brought upon. Just know you’re not alone. Never stop believing. Today you’re a hero, an inspiration, a survivor; you were reborn.

                                                                                                                               Yours truly,
                                                                                                                                 A Friend.


My name is Tahiry Sanchez. I am 24-years-old, I am currently an undergraduate at Baruch College. I am majoring in Marketing management and minoring in psychology. I love the fashion industry as well and always want to dress to impress and walk around New York City as if it was my runway.

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