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March 14, 2018


Trump Administration to Sue California

The Trump Administration has decided to sue California over its immigration policies. A federal lawsuit has been filed against the state, as well as its top officials, in order to stop the “sanctuary state” bill, a term that refers to localities that abide by some measure of non-cooperation with federal law enforcement regarding immigration. Jeff Sessions claimed that these laws violated the Constitution and endangered federal officers.


Robert Mueller Looks into the UAE

This week, the special counsel questioned George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman, as well as other witnesses to check if the UAE tried to gain political influence by sending money to Trump’s campaign. This suggests that the special counsel is broadening the scope beyond Russia to look into other sources of meddling in the election.


Trump’s New Tariff Plan Exempts Canada and Mexico

In order to complete one of his campaign promises, Trump moved to increase the tariff on steel and aluminum imports. “The actions we are taking today are not a matter of choice; they are a matter of necessity for our security,” said President Trump. While some senators agree, saying that this will increase jobs in the country while reducing the influence of Chinese imports in the stock market, many foreign leaders and (surprisingly) Republicans argue that this could start a trade war.


However, the President has agreed to provide our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, with more flexible plans, while also making it possible for countries like Australia to be exempt from this in the future. Rewriting the rules of global trade appears to be Mr. Trump’s most extensive use of federal power.



Defected Russian Spy Thought to be Poisoned in UK

The British police confirmed that a Russian ex-spy and his daughter were attacked with a nerve agent and are currently in critical condition. Skripal was a colonel in Russia’s GRU military intelligence service, and he had previously been convicted and imprisoned for spying for the British in 2006. In 2010, he was freed as part of a larger spy swap with the US. Just recently, he was found unconscious on a bench with his daughter in a shopping mall in Salisbury, and the doctors have confirmed that this was a targeted murder attempt, and the general public is at low risk.



 Photo: Associated Press


North Korea Agrees to Discuss Winding Down their Nuclear Program

A senior advisor from South Korea said this week that President Kim Jong-un might be willing to discuss disarmament, as well as a halt on nuclear and missile testings during talks with the US in the future. There has been no confirmation from North Korea, but this seems to be a huge change in the North Korean stance, as they had previously been adamant about protecting and growing their nuclear program. The North Korean dictator has also agreed to meet with South Korea’s president along with two other countries in April.


Anti-Muslim Violence Picks Up in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka declared a state of emergency this week, following days of violence between its Buddhist sinhalese and Muslim communities. Arson attacks and riots have been spreading in parts of the country, and in February, there was a similar case of violence when mobs set fire to Muslim-owned businesses as well as a mosque.


The emergency allows soldiers to be deployed in civilian areas, and it will remain in effect for ten days, after which the deployment will have to be ratified by the Sri Lankan government. The Sri Lankan minister for co-existence, Mano Ganesan, said that measures had been taken to prevent the spread of communal disharmony and hate speech.


In Other News

Google Selling Zagat to The Infatuation

Google bought Zagat in 2011, but will now be selling it to The Infatuation. The amount of money was not disclosed, but The Infatuation announced it this week.

Zagat helps to crowdsource opinions about eateries, and it was revamped by Google in 2016. It includes great features such as suggestions based on the user’s location and time of day. Apps like Yelp have become more popular in recent times, and The Infatuation has even created its own hashtag on Instagram, “#EEEEEATS,” which has become very popular.


Broadcom-Qualcomm Merger Held Up by Trump Administration


Photo: New York Times


Broadcom’s $117 billion bid to buy out Qualcomm has been blocked by the Trump Administration, as a result of questions that it might be a hostile takeover by the company. In the presidential order, President Trump said that there is credible evidence that Broadcom’s acquisition of Qualcomm might threaten the national security of the US.


France Moves to Close Gender Pay-Gap

In France, women earn 9% less than men, even though the law has required equal pay for the last 45 years. However, the country is finally planning to erase this remaining pay gap in three years. Under the new plan, any company with more than 50 employees will have to install new software that will connect to the company’s payroll system and monitor it. If the software detects an unfair pay-gap, the company will have three years to erase it, or else they will face fines from labor inspectors, which could be up to one percent of the firm’s wage bill.


My name is Pankhuri Kumar. I'm a 23-year old graduate student, majoring in Journalism and Computer Science. I'm a nerd about technology and hope to make the world a more informed place with data. I'm obsessed with Indian food, The Office, and Harry Potter.

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