What to Wear to a Protest

March 27, 2018

Right now, thousands of people across the country are Stepping Up because they want to see a change in the current world we live in. When getting ready for a protest, worrying about an outfit should be one of the last things on your mind. Here are eight items that are affordable, comfortable, and have multiple purposes. I even included links to all of the pieces featured here!




Black Denim Jacket- Denim is a huge trend this spring and this jacket is on sale for only $36 on LE3NO. Denim jackets give an edgy and confident look to anyone who wears them. Plus, black is a color that looks great on everyone. You can even get more bang for your buck, as this jacket is sure to match all your graphic t-shirts.


“The Future is Female” Tank Top- This tank is $23 and it’s incredibly soft. The pink color matches perfectly with white, black, or blue jeans. It even has that cute trendy knot that we all love! You can wear it during any month of the year to remind yourself that the future is female!


Black Jeans- These straight leg jeans are both stylish and versatile. Plus, they are only $33 right now- usually they are $83. Talk about a deal! These pants will match just about everything in your closet, giving you more bang for your buck!


Vans Classic Slip-On- Slip-on shoes have been very popular due to their trendy look, as well as their comfort. It is also so quick and easy to slip these shoes on and off in less than three seconds. Even though these shoes are $50 on Revolve, they are well made and worth the investment. Slip-on shoes are perfect for standing or walking for a long period of time, due to their supportive rubber soles. (Hint: If you give Revolve your email address for newsletters, you can get 10% off your first purchase, so these shoes could be $45 instead of $50).


Golden Necklace: It is important to keep what you are fighting for close to your heart. Necklaces allow you to do just that. Pick a necklace that has a symbol of what you are fighting for. Buy a necklace with a color that matches most of the clothing in your closet. Gold, silver, and black are usually a safe bet.


Hoop Earrings: These simple hoop earrings are only $8.99, and you can even get a free pair of earrings when purchasing this pair! Does it get any better than that? These earrings are very cheap and they will match most of the clothing in your wardrobe. 


Bracelet: Simple bracelets can be very symbolic. By having something inspirational on your wrist, such as a specific word or symbol related to your cause, you are reminding yourself to take action. This gold bracelet is only $18, and it simply says, “Keep Fighting.”


Purse: This black and gold purse is small enough to not get in your way during a march or protest. However, it is large enough to hold all of your essentials. The best part is, it’s on sale for only $5.89! The regular price is $17. This purse is great for a protest, but it’s also great for going out to dinner with friends, going shopping, attending concerts, and more.


Julia Harrelson is a twenty-one-year-old at Mississippi State University, double-majoring in business administration and fashion merchandising, with a minor in marketing. When she's not studying, she is still studying. She is interested in business, lifestyle, and learning any and all things in the fashion industry. Julia hopes to be a merchandise buyer when she graduates. 

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