Let's Talk: Fear

March 30, 2018



Emily: Anxiety is something I have always struggled with, and I still have difficulty curbing stress. I'm a busy college student and a highly ambitious person in general -- I edit for Step Up and maintain a column, I have a leadership position in my sorority, I'm the Lead Writer of the news section of my campus paper and a member of a deliberative dialogue initiative on campus, and I try to volunteer as often as I can -- and I'm always adding more goals to my list, from becoming editor-in-chief to getting an exec position. While ambition is usually a good thing and something I value, sometimes I have to sit down with myself and analyze whether I'm asking too much of myself. This year, I've worked to identify which of my goals and ambitions are most important to me so I can apply all I have to what I care about, rather than spread myself too thin trying to do everything. I've also had to try and stop comparing my level of involvement with other people's, reminding myself that what I can do and what someone else can do might not be the same. Similarly, I've also been working to stop demanding perfection of myself in everything I do. It's hard, and it's not something that happens overnight, but realizing that mistakes are learning experiences (and nothing is more important than learning) is the most crucial strategy I have for tackling anxiety.


Jackie: When I am worried or stressed, I love to go workout out by taking a fitness class like yoga or boxing. Or even just going outside for a walk with a friend. It helps put me in a better mood and makes me want to find a solution to the problem at hand. 









Linda: Coming from someone who has suffered and dealt with anxiety growing up, it's great to see people are speaking up about it. However, I've definitely seen celebrities and influencers romanticize having anxiety and it irks me. I think approaching anxiety and mental illnesses is hard, but it's necessary. I think if we approach anxiety in a way that we're open minded, understanding and patient, then the people who have anxiety or suffer from mental illnesses will feel better or feel at ease. Approaching anxiety, worry and fear can be difficult but as long as you're doing it with an open mind then it gets easier to talk about it. I personally deal with anxiety by surrounding myself with people who understand that I have anxiety and are patient with me. I surround myself with people who care about me and love me. I also deal with it by listening to music that makes me feel empowered and I read self help books to make sure that I am always on top of my health. 



Emma: I definitely spend a good amount of time worrying about unnecessary things. Recently, I've been trying to catch myself when that happens because it's not healthy to worry all the time because it really heightens your stress levels. One habit I do have when I get nervous, anxious, worried, or even a little frightened is pop a little lifesaver mint into my mouth. I know this sounds really odd, but it really helps calm my nerves. Peppermint is supposedly a natural muscle relaxer, so I love drinking peppermint tea or eating peppermint candies when I'm feeling anxious. 




Pankhuri: Anxiety, Worry and Fear: Whenever I freak out, I try to take deep breaths, and create a plan for whatever is worrying me. More often than not, I realize that the task worrying me is doable if I commit to a plan. I usually have a weekly plan now, and try to stick to it, especially when I have multiple deadlines and/or finals coming up. I create a schedule two/three weeks into the semester, once I have a better idea of the time commitments required for each class and project.








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