Inspiring Twitter accounts you need to be following

January 14, 2019

Need inspiring Twitter accounts? Well, you have come to the right person! I honestly live on Twitter, which is quite shocking since I don’t really get on social media very often anymore (maybe once or twice a day to be honest). However, when I do, I immediately go on Twitter.  Twitter is the perfect place to catch all of the newest memes, funny videos, and tweets, and it can also be a great place to spread love and positivity. Twitter is honestly the fastest way to receive news from all over the world, and I would say that it actually has better coverage than the real news.



Twitter is one of the most positive forms of social media in my opinion. People are always retweeting other tweets in order to help spread awareness, help find lost loves one, and build each other up. I recently saw a post that had 21.5 thousand retweets; it was a post looking to find someone’s dad a match for a kidney transplant. That tweet alone had thousands of comments, and many of them were from people who were ready to donate a kidney or money to help cover the hospital cost.


Here are some inspiring Twitter accounts you need to be following:







These accounts are truly inspiring, so I would definitely check them out.


Hi, I am Jasmen Gordon a sophomore at Kent State University with major in fashion merchandise and a double minor in entrepreneurship and fashion media. I’m 19 years young with a passion for fashion and the heart of a lifestyle guru. On top of all that I’m a dancer as well. I love to stay busy but always make time for some sacred R&R. Random Fun fact: I like to drink speedy freezes and pretend I have everything figured out.

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