Faces of our Future: How Do You Think Love Can Change The World Around You?

September 20, 2019

There are so many stories around us, so many voices and views that are seldom heard, yet these are the faces of our future. This column will follow teens and young adults in voiced prompts that will let us know a little more about who they are, how they view the world, and where they see the future headed.


This week I asked, “how do you think love can change the world around you?”



Brendan Sica, 17: Brendan believes in world peace and is an avid outdoorsmen and singer. He views life as “One big Wes Anderson movie” and he hopes to change the world through the gifts he’s been given. He says “ If the world wasn't broken I wouldn't have a purpose and I believe mine is to show them in whatever I do.”


“I mean, it takes two to love, right? I think the world is very broken - I think there’s a lot of misconceptions of what love is, I think there’s a lot of hurt. And what can heal that hurt to the fullest is love.


But really, what is love? And I think many people have many definitions: some would say it’s sex, some would say, you know, it’s being with someone who just understands you, and you understand them, and you share a small part of your soul together - that’s a great part of the world.


I would wrap them all into one, I think it’s the physical component, it’s the emotional component, and that’s what the world needs and what it’s missing.


They might have one component of love, but they don’t have the full picture, and somebody’s gotta show them. It starts with us.”


Dana Fahey, 18: Dana is a resident of New Hampshire, soon to be heading to Villanova University. She is a passionate about animal rights, pursuing faith, and loving life. She hopes to create a life that enables her to utilize all of her talents to better the world - creating a place where loving is simply the norm.


"I honestly think that love is the reason we’re here and love is the only thing worth living for, and it’s what keeps us going.


it’s what gives us fulfillment and connection, and it’s what drives us. When love is what drives everything we do, we’re unstoppable. I think we’re living for people and for the betterment of the world.


I just think the world would benefit from love, and I don’t know how exactly to put that into words...it's not a concrete thing. But, when you live by and through love, you just know." 


Allison Callaghan, 14: Allison is a dancer who loves the arts. She has been dancing for 8 years now at Kearsarge Conservatory of the Performing Arts, and can't see herself without it. Allison enjoys writing, singing, dancing, acting, and helping people.


“I strongly believe that love can change the world, because there’s so much hatred in the world right now that we just need love for each other. Not even with big world issues, just with people in general.


If we had love for each other and had compassion, everyone would be more patient, more problems could be solved, and everyone could come together and see what we really all need to deal with -- what really needs to happen.


That’s how I believe love can change the world.”

 Jorgie Ingram is a seventeen-year-old artist, activist, writer, dancer, and choreographer, currently living in New Hampshire. Finishing her high school studies online as a senior, she looks forward to continuing her studies in college, majoring in dance. Jorgie's passion is to inspire - whether that be through her artistry, writing, or everyday interactions. She loves to give back, and aspires to do so throughout her life. Apart from dancing all over New England, choreographing for the stage and film, painting, writing, baking vegan goodies, and spending time outdoors with her family and friends, Jorgie is the founder of local environmental group, Kearsarge Changing Climate Change, and one of the lead organizers for NH for Humanity's performance art events.  



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