Reflections of My Freshman Year

April 11, 2018

As I have reflected on my freshman year of college as a whole, I’ve realized that I have truly learned a lot and I have grown as a person completely. I am a firm believer that change is growth, and I am beyond thankful to have that mindset.



In my freshman year of college alone, I learned:

  • My selfless nature can only go so far, and sometimes I will suffer the consequences that come with it.

  • I become who I surround myself with.

  • Toxic relationships will be the death of me and cutting people out of my life who aren’t good for me isn’t a bad thing.

  • Mental breakdowns are inevitable, and how I respond to them is up to me.

  • I am more than my worries.


All in all, I am beyond thankful for what has happened to me and how I’ve grown. Through the chaos that was the beginning of my freshman year of college, in addition to my serious contemplation of transferring, I have grown.


Some big thanks go to my best friends, as well as my mentor, Jim.


Thanks to all of you.


Thank you for always having faith in me when I couldn’t find it in myself. Thank you for putting up with my incessant need to vent as well as the lame tears that would flow from my eyes. Thanks for dealing with me when I’ve had too much caffeine in my system. All in all, I couldn’t have done it without any of you.


College can be terrifying. You are trying to find yourself while trying to figure out what you want to do with your future.


You’ve got this, and honestly, just make some memories. Know that it’ll make sense at some point. Maybe not right now, maybe not in a couple of months, but give it time and know that everything will eventually fall into place. Let that be the driving force that will reassure you that it will all be okay someday.


Michaela Kowalski is an eighteen-year-old, college freshman at a university in New Hampshire. She’s studying marketing and minoring in public relations and enjoys writing and journalism. She's also passionate about traveling, dogs, marathons of Netflix and spontaneous adventures. Regarding the future, she hopes to give back to countries in need. 

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