Is it Okay To Cry At Work?

April 25, 2018

In my opinion, I think it’s fine to cry once in a while, but in general, it’s important to remain professional and know how to separate your personal life from your work life.


When you’re at work, no matter what kind of job you have, you are representing the company for which you work, and you are the face of the company. It’s important to learn how to separate your personal life from your work life and never mix the two. Your boss and your coworkers are not your best friends. They are there to work, and so are you. You all depend on each other to get the work done.



I feel as though the second you clock in, you should have the mentality that you must be professional and presentable. Of course, there are situations when there is a family emergency or something else going on that you cannot control, so I personally think it’s okay to cry once in a while. We all have breakdowns every so often. I think it’s fine to go to the bathroom every now and then and let yourself have a good cry. It’s also okay to turn to a respected coworker and talk to them about what’s going on.


I have personally experienced this. Although I like to think that I’m a professional person, I was going through a lot last year during the months of March and April, and one day I walked into my supervisor’s office and I just broke down. I completely bawled my eyes out, and thankfully my supervisor let me cry it out. Ever since that day, I haven’t had a mental breakdown at work. I think having a breakdown every once in a while is fine. We all go through things and sometimes it’s too much for us to handle. However, crying too often at work can be a pain for the people who are depending on you to get work done. You don’t want to be known as “the cry baby” at work because people will start to feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you, and they’ll start to think that they can’t depend on you for anything.


When you’re at work, there are numerous people depending on you to get your part done. Life gets hard and it throws curveballs at you, but there’s a time and place for everything. Once every few months, it is fine. In general, however, I think you should remain professional and learn how to ignore your personal problems at work. You have duties and responsibilities, and if you don’t think you can handle it, then you should take a personal day or even sick day.


We all have our problems and issues. It’s okay to talk it out with a coworker or update your boss about what’s going on, but in general, it’s important for others to know that they can depend on you.


If you want to cry it out at work, it’s fine once in a while. However, when it becomes a recurring problem, it might get annoying to your boss and your coworkers who are depending on you to pull in your weight.


My name is Linda Tran. I'm 24 years old from Boston and I'm majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media at the Southern New Hampshire University. A fun fact about me is that I learned coding and HTML at the age of 11.


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