Apps That Will Save You Time and Money

April 29, 2018

Save those dollar bills and time! These apps will give you more bang for your buck with less hassle, from sports tickets savings to discounted food deliveries.


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Best Parking

Can’t find a spot and don’t want to be late for work? Use this app to compare costs of the parking locations in your area before you park. The app features over 100 cities in the United States and Canada. It also allows you to discover how much it will cost depending on what time you plan to park.



Whether you like going to sports games or concerts, SeatGeek has something for everyone. It lets you search for sports, music and theater tickets, and not only does it compare prices, but it also assigns a “Deal Score” to every ticket to let you know if the price you are seeing is a good value.



When your tank is close to empty, open up GasBuddy to see the current gas prices at stations near you so you can decide on the best choice. Other GasBuddy users provide the prices. If you contribute to the app by submitting gas prices that you see, you can earn points to enter a daily drawing for a $100 gas gift card. It’s a win-win!



There is no stress with Hopper! You'll get your lowest airfares ever thanks to Hopper's finely tuned price-prediction feature. First, it figures out the best time for you to fly, and then it lets you know what time to buy tickets for that flight to get the lowest price.



It's always a bummer to buy something online, and then see that it goes on sale the next day! Slice works by syncing with your email to find data about what items you bought, what company you bought them from and when you ordered. If the price drops on something you ordered within seven days, Slice will send you an email that you can forward to the company to get your money back. Slice will also help keep you informed of when your purchase is due to arrive!



PocketGuard neatly lays out all of your transactions and bill payments in multiple formats, where you can set up monthly savings goals and spending limits for certain categories like restaurants and entertainment. Additionally, you can add notes to payments to further detail transactions, which would likely be helpful for planning big events like a vacation or wedding.



OpenTable makes setting up reservations at any number of fine-dining restaurants easy. Every time you book a table, you’re also racking up points, which you can track on the app. Once you hit 1,100 points, you get a $20 reward to be redeemed at a restaurant affiliated with OpenTable!


My name is Jackie Garcia and I am 21 years old, majoring in Media Arts and Design. When I'm not busy with school or writing, I love to travel, dance and watch reruns of New Girl.

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