What To Wear: Dinner with Friends

May 1, 2018

The end of the semester is the best of times and the worst of times. It means you are so close to the finish line— but getting to the finish line comes at a price. That price, (especially for college students,) is final exams and final projects. Praying to round that B to an A and, calculating the lowest possible exam score you need to pass a class is exhausting. The end of the semester is one of the most stressful times of the year.


During all the chaos of the end of the semester, it is crucial to take a break from studying. Step away from the books. Taking breaks periodically has been shown to help students perform better on tests. Sitting down, poring over textbooks and being glued to your laptop screen for hours on end is not healthy.


A great study break idea is grabbing dinner with friends. And why not get dressed up? Dressing up is scientifically proven to make a person feel better about themselves. So, take an hour away from your textbooks and put on an outfit that makes you feel confident! Then take an hour to eat and chat with supportive friends during this stressful time. You’ll find that when you return to studying after this two- hour break, you’ll feel lots better.



Here are the details to this stylish outfit:


Sunglasses- These sunglasses are € 32 ($38.96) on TopShop, and they’re clearly, a staple accessory. The rose gold color is very trendy and will match a lot of clothing in your closet, which means more bang for your buck! TopShop has had a huge demand for sunglasses, so if this exact pair is sold out when you are browsing look under the “Accessories” tab for similar ones! They have tons of cute options.


Red Tank Top- This camisole tank top is adorable with its layered ruffles and A-lLine silhouette. Layers are always a trendy option and red is a color that looks good on every skin tone! This top is €18.99 ($21.91). I also love that this red would be perfect with blue jeans, white jeans, or any other neutral color. This store is based in Denmark, so be sure to use Google Chrome when you shop so you can easily hit the “Translate” button. Plus, if you subscribe to their emails you will get 10% off! It doesn’t get better than that.


Purse- This purse is a perfect blend of the colors nude and pink, so you can pair it with multiple items in your closet. It costsis €19 ($23.13). It’s the perfect crossbody purse to hold your wallet, phone, car keys, and more. This company is also based in Denmark, so be sure to use Google Chrome when you shop so you can hit the “Translate” button.


Sandals- These sandals were €19 ($23.13). They are sold out on Combyne, but Charlette Russe has very similar options on their website for only $12.99.


Black Skinny Jeans- The black skinny jeans pictured in the ensemble are 55€ ($66.99) from TopShop. However, if $66.99 is not friendly for your budget, TopShop is having a 50% off sale on select styles of jeans. Some jeans on the website are $35, so be sure to check those out!


Remember, in the end it doesn’t matter what you wear, how much you paid for it, or what the label says on the inside. Wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, and you’ll be sure to have a great time on your study break!


Julia Harrelson is a twenty-one-year-old at Mississippi State University, double-majoring in business administration and fashion merchandising, with a minor in marketing. When she's not studying, she is still studying. She is interested in business, lifestyle, and learning any and all things in the fashion industry. Julia hopes to be a merchandise buyer when she graduates.


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