Everything You Need To Know About The New Secretary of State

May 5, 2018

As of April 26th, 2018, the United States acquired a new Secretary of State: Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s pick to replace Rex Tillerson. Continue reading to find out more about Pompeo, and what his appointment means for America’s future.


  Photo: Roman Kraft on Unsplash 


Pompeo doesn’t agree with everything the President has said.


According to this source, Pompeo may have originally played down the facts of the Russian hacking allegations, but he did back up the findings of the US, claiming that hacking did in fact occur.



Pompeo secretly went to North Korea.


An even more interesting report by CNN claims that Mike Pompeo previously and quietly visited North Korea, and met with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Officials also reported to CNN that Donald Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un sometime this year.



He disapproves of the Iran nuclear deal.


CNN has reported that Pompeo does not think the the deal contains enough protection for the American people. That is the reason why Pompeo is against it. According to the article, Iran threatens Israel — an ally of America— and CNN also points out that Pompeo has accused Iran of hacking and supplying weapons to rebels located in Yemen. 


Pompeo is a Californian.


Also according to his CIA biography, “Pompeo was born on December 30, 1963, in Orange, California. He is married to Susan Pompeo and has one son, Nick.”



Pompeo served in the military.


Pompeo was a part of history. According to his CIA biography and Fox, he served the army starting in 1986 as a member of the Cavalry, and was a part of the Iron Curtain Patrol before the fall of the Berlin Wall.



He is the first CIA director to take over the position.


Pompeo was sworn in as the CIA director back in January 2017, when Vice President Mike Pence swore him in to office. Pompeo had been voted into the CIA as Director with a Senate vote of 66 to 32, which is not massively different than the numbers that voted him into Secretary of State. Fox reported that the Senate vote was 57 to 42 for Secretary of State.


Pompeo is also a three-term elected member of Congress from Kansas. 


You can read about the background of every previous Secretary of State here


He wants to reclaim swag.


According to The New York Times, when Pompeo spoke to American diplomats and staff present at the State Department’s Headquarters, he “promised the crowd that he would help American diplomats regain their ‘swagger.’” His comments refer to changes that had been made by Rex Tillerson, although it is unclear what he means by swagger.



Like Trump, Pompeo is on Twitter.


The Republican’s first tweet as Secretary of State reads, “I'm grateful to @POTUS for the honor to serve as our nation's 70th Secretary of State. So many matters of global importance demand our focus.” You can follow him @SecPompeo.



Samantha is a soon to be recent graduate from Fordham University. She is a communications major and creative writing minor. When she isn’t in school or working, she can be found watching Netflix, YouTube, or coming up with ideas for new TV shows.


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