What to Wear to the First Day of Summer Classes

May 17, 2018

The first day of school is always nerve-wracking. However, finding the perfect outfit for the first day does not have to be that scary.

Let’s face it — summer classes are the worst. You are stuck in a classroom or the library studying while all of your friends are on vacation having a good time. If you at least dress nicely, so you will feel better about the situation.


                    Photo: Amanda Vick on Unsplash


Necklace- This gold necklace is perfect for layering, and it’s casual enough to wear with comfortable shirts. There are so many beautiful necklace options from ASOS, but this specific necklace is listed for $38.26. Although this may be more pricey, this necklace is made of a stronger metal that is not used in cheaper jewelry. This ensures that the necklace will last longer. Additionally, the gold will match practically everything in your wardrobe, so you get more bang for your buck!


Shirt- This Hunter Green shirt is very trendy and it’s perfect for all seasons. Plus, it is made of t-shirt material, so you will look cute and stay comfortable. It is listed on Oasis for $41.40.


Laptop Case- This adorable “GRL PWR” laptop case is a functional accessory that will give you a confidence boost. This case is from Casable and it is made for an Apple MacBook Pro 13 and it costs $39.90. This case is definitely worth the investment!


Black Skinny Jeans- These black skinny jeans are Levis and they provide a comfortable, cute, and casual look for class. Plus, denim jeans are a hot fashion trend. These black jeans will match many tops in your closet, so you will be stretching your dollar with these jeans, which are listed at $47.72. Levis always last a long time, so you will be glad you paid extra for them!


Sandals- These black sandals are from Oasis and they are listed at $26.30. They are comfortable and easy to walk in, making them perfect for summer classes! Be aware that the Oasis website is in German, so be sure to have Google Translate pulled up when you are looking on their website for these adorable shoes!


With these five items in your wardrobe, you are ready to conquer your summer classes. Always remember, if you dress well, you will test well!


Julia Harrelson is a twenty-one-year-old at Mississippi State University, double-majoring in business administration and fashion merchandising, with a minor in marketing. When she's not studying, she is still studying. She is interested in business, lifestyle, and learning any and all things in the fashion industry. Julia hopes to be a merchandise buyer when she graduates.


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