Graduation Cap Ideas for Every Student

May 25, 2018

With college graduations coming to an end and high school graduations just beginning, it is time to start thinking about graduation caps. To the high school seniors who are looking for the perfect way to decorate their cap, we have suggestions for you!



The Inspirational Student


If you want to inspire others and emit positivity through your cap, an inspirational quote or phrase is perfect for you. Your cap will motivate everyone who sees it.



The Funny Student


If you are the class clown, your cap should be as comedic as your personality. Put one of your favorite jokes on your cap, or write a line from your favorite sitcom. No matter what you pick, it will give everybody behind you a good laugh.


The Literary Student


Do you have a favorite quote? Put it on your cap! This day is all about you. Why not put your favorite things on your cap?



The Thankful Student


Be thankful for your experience. Many people put “thanks Mom and Dad” on their cap. Show your appreciation by doing the same.


The Planning student


Do you know what your plans are for after graduation? If so, decorate your cap with your plans! Whether you will be going into the workforce, continuing your education or traveling, let everyone know that you have great plans and big dreams for your future!


No matter what, make the cap your own!


Above is my cap. I decided to make it my own and write a Mean Girls quote on it. As a Fordham Graduate, I reenacted the movie scene while wearing a Fordham sweatshirt. I then took a few photos in the outfit and pasted it on the cap. I thought that having myself on the cap would be more original than pasting a picture of a character on it.


Let us know how you decorate your cap!


Samantha is a soon to be recent graduate from Fordham University. She is a communications major and creative writing minor. When she isn’t in school or working, she can be found watching Netflix, YouTube, or coming up with ideas for new TV shows.


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