Our Favorite Shark Tank Products

July 14, 2018

Photo: Austin Distel on Unsplash 


One of the most popular shows on TV right now is Shark Tank. Shark Tank is a show where a panel of investors who are also known as the Sharks review products and decide if they want to invest their money and time into the product. The sharks may or may not invest in the product, but all brands receive credibility and become “as seen on Shark Tank” products after receiving a ton of publicity from the show. Wondering about what products became a hit from the show? Keep reading to see some of the most interesting products revealed on the screen!


Scrub Daddy


One of the most well-known shark tank product is the Scrub Daddy. The Scrub Daddy is a sponge that creates an either a hard or soft texture depending on the temperature of the water. The smiley faced sponge won over Lori Greiner and she made a deal with the entrepreneur.




This helpful tool is perfect for glasses users who do not need to constantly keep their glasses on their faces. The ReadeREST is an accessible and easy replacement for the common strap method of hands free glasses holding. It is a metal bar that attaches to the users shirt and creates an opening for glasses’ arms. This simple gadget design allows it to also be used for earphones, IDs and more!


Lace Your Face Mask


One of the most interesting beauty products presented to the sharks was a face mask made of lace. Lace Your Face Mask might look like a typical sheet mask, but the material is made of lace featuring a chin strap which allows the mask to comfortably stay on your face without sliding or having to be uncomfortable to make sure the mask stays in place.




Hater is an unique app similar to Tinder. Hater matches people together based on topics and items that users hate in common instead of the traditional hobbies and likes set-up. The app runs on the notion that people bond easier with people who hate the same things rather than people that have more things in common with each other.


Delighted By Hummus


This company has an interesting take on hummus. Delighted By Hummus turns the spread into a dessert treat. They make sweet hummus with flavors like Brownie Batter and Snickerdoodle. Enjoy a healthy snack while getting the taste of that brownie you have been craving. It will satisfy your snack cravings while being good for your health.


Do you own any Shark Tank products? Comment down below if you have used any of these products!


Samantha is a soon to be recent graduate from Fordham University. She is a communications major and creative writing minor. When she isn’t in school or working, she can be found watching Netflix, YouTube, or coming up with ideas for new TV shows. 

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