Nia Sioux Drops New Music Video

August 31, 2018

Nia Sioux is back at it in the studio and has just released a new song! Today, Nia is debuting her new song “FLXXN”! We caught up with Nia about her latest project. 


Click here to download FLXXN!


Photo: Nia Sioux  


You are debuting your new music video on September 5th and song on August 31st…what can fans expect?


My fans can expect an upbeat positive song of empowerment.  This song is about resiliency and determination!  I am owning my purpose and strength.  You can not control other people or what they say or do to you, but you can control your response. I am choosing to flex and let my work & talents speak for themselves.


Where do you find inspiration for your songs?


Personal experiences- positive and negative- usually inspire my songs. I wrote this particular song last year during a time of transition. I was finishing my contract on DanceMoms and I was going through a lot of changes in my life.  It was a scary time because I did not know what my next big project was going to be and I was hearing a lot of people doubting that I would do anything else after the show.  But I had faith that my hard work would pay off and I was like, “Just wait for it. You will see when I flex my success.”- not in an arrogant way but as an affirmation of my talent & hard work.  My music is usually me telling my story of something going on at some point in my life.  It is like a living musical diary.


What was the vision behind your new video?


Flxxn represents a spirit of determination to take charge of your destiny and being empowered by your inner strength.  Let others see your light and strength!  Life throws you punches and knocks you down but you cannot let that knock you OUT!!! I am choosing to flex and let my work & talents speak for themselves.  Keeping that image in mind we decided that a boxing gym would be a great symbol of the song’s message.  You see that fight mentality and that determined spirit to overcome adversity with beauty, grace, style and strength.  Stay focused on your goals and do not let negative situations distract you. Hard work and discipline can pay off!



Rapid-fire questions:



Favorite book?

The Fault in Our Stars 













Women who are inspiring you right now?

Ava DuVernay

Misty Copeland

Debbie Allen

Syncopated Ladies 

Shonda Rhimes

My Mom and Dad








What are you binging right now?











An Instagram account or site that inspires you:












My go-to order at a coffee shop is:

Strawberry Acai with two pumps of mango syrup OR hot chocolate with whipped cream 






I don’t know how I ever lived without:

Netflix or a portable charger 








One thing people don’t know about me: 

I have a small birth mark on the tip of my nose like my mom & older brother.




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