Fall Date Ideas

September 22, 2018

September signifies the return of pumpkin spice, leaves changing colors, and back-to-school moments, marking the end of summer and welcoming the beginning of fall. Fall offers cooler temperatures and a chance to indulge in a variety of activities that are perfect for your first date and beyond. Whether you are looking for group date ideas or intimate one-on-one settings, fall brings us several exciting outdoor and indoor adventures for you and your significant other. Many fall dates are inexpensive and spontaneous, and who doesn’t love that combination?


Photo: Chris Lawton on Unsplash 


One of my favorite fall dates is apple picking because it is perfect for a one-on-one or group date.

Apple picking pretty much begins at the start of September and runs through the end of October, depending on the type of apple in season and your geographic location. Many apple orchards will provide you with a hayride to and from the apple trees, and if you are lucky, your local orchard will sell freshly made apple cider and apple doughnuts. And what’s cuter than having someone hoist you up to reach the apples at the top of the tree?


Another fun fall date is heading to the pumpkin patch.

Much like apple picking, the pumpkin patch allows you and your date to pick some pumpkins while spending time in the crisp air. The pumpkin patch offers the opportunity for you to interact closely with each other in a group or intimate setting, and you can also set up a follow up date for carving, eating, and decorating your pumpkins. Of course, the pumpkin patch also provides the perfect backdrop for cute photos.


Coffee shops are always the perfect setting for an intimate date, regardless of whether you like to drink coffee.

With a comfy, cozy space, you and your date can enjoy the latest seasonal favorites, such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte, at any time of the day. Pair this heartwarming date with conversation that will deepen your connection. Although there is always a Starbucks you can visit, try heading to a local coffee shop or café to experience your city’s hot spot.


Nothing says fall like a friendly sports competition, such as flag football or soccer.

Perfect for a group date, break off into teams and play your favorite sports in your backyard or at a local park. The interactive opportunity allows you to break out of your shell and engage in a little friendly competition. If you do not know how to play either sport, then have your date give you a mini lesson. You can either play against your date or work together on the same team; try adding a little twist by betting on who will win. For the perfect follow up date, have the loser buy you dinner or dessert.


The smell of burnt leaves, the crackle of campfires, and the taste of toasted s'mores engulf the season of fall.

For those who are adventurous nature lovers, try camping. There are various camp sites that you can reserve, if you want to formally go camping, or you can set up a makeshift campsite in your backyard. You and your date can walk and hike the surrounding nature trails, which is the perfect opportunity to talk and connect. A camping date allows you and your date to connect over a warm campfire and an evening under the stars. For the perfect getaway, extend your camping trip to the weekend or invite your friends for a group sleepover.


Fall offers nature that is rich in adventure and opportunities for group and intimate dates. From carving pumpkins to camping, date night options are abundant. What is your favorite fall date?


​Sara Kim graduated with a B.A. in Journalism and a double minor in Health Policy and Management and Asian American Studies from Ithaca College. She currently works as an Event Coordinator at a non-profit. In her free time, she enjoys working out, reading, watching movies, and cooking. Fun fact: as a foodie, she loves to try new foods and travel to new places.


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