Back to School with a Healthy Boost from Crispy Fruit by Crispy Green

September 18, 2018


When you’re a college student, summer is a time when the living can be easy, or at least easier, than the whirlwind of the school year. But when September comes around, it’s back to the future, and time to reinvent yourself. Not that the old self wasn’t in good working order, but to everything there is a season, and adjusting to what comes next keeps you functioning at optimal level.   


Wellness and just feeling good are key components of productivity. And that’s where being smart about nutrition comes in. As you make your rounds between dorm, lecture halls, libraries, and the dozen other places you need to be, snacking becomes the fuel you run on. And snacks that are high in simple carbs or processed sugar can give you a temporary energy boost, but wear off quickly, and can leave you feeling depleted the next day. And the next day. And the cycle continues.


Enter our healthy and delicious Crispy Fruit, the 100% pure freeze dried snack. Retaining all the nutrients of fresh fruit, with no additives or preservatives, fat or cholesterol, the freeze-drying process simply removes the water from the fruit, which keeps its true essence and taste.



Fruit is an instant energy supplier. And it provides the nutrients necessary to help keep the body healthy; it boosts the immune system, keeps you hydrated, and contributes to a healthy digestive system. It fills you up without adding any unnecessary fats. And there’s the instant energy boost.


September is a time of renewal, and Crispy Fruit is right there with you—the nation’s top-rated freeze dried fruit brand just refreshed its look, including a new logo and packaging, reflecting its wholesome, single ingredient – 100% fruit! But for Crispy Green, maker of Crispy Fruit, the mission is the same: to support you in an active, healthy lifestyle.


So instead of loading your knapsack with pounds of fresh fruit (which might not taste so fresh by the end of the day), pack it for the week with Crispy Fruit.  You can choose from apple, pear, banana, cantaloupe, mango, pineapple and tangerine, and all flavors are available in a convenient 6-pack – six single-serving bags or individual, single-serving “Grab & Go” bags that provide approximately one serving of fruit and 60 calories or less per bag.


Visit to find your local store, and see what items are in stock. And about the website…it’s new too, with a downloadable back to school coupon waiting for you!


For more information, visit or its sister lifestyle site, For news updates and special offers, you can also follow Crispy Green on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit can be found in many major grocery retailers nationwide as well as through Amazon!


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