Stylish Dorm Decor Under $100

October 3, 2018

Moving into your dorm is an exciting moment whether you are a first-year student or a returning student. Settling into your space is really important because it is where you will spend a lot of time. It is your home for the year and your dorm room is a blank canvas where you can try different styles that accumulate into an expression of yourself. Everyone’s dorm room serves a different purpose for them, whether it is your hang out space with friends or a cozy getaway it should be what you want. If you are sharing a room with others, it is still fun to design your side. Maybe you and your roommate might want to coordinate the room so be sure to share this with them. Check out these decor ideas that will help put the finishing touches on your dorm room.


Photo: Dane Deaner on Unsplash 



Avoid Cold Feet

Tanum Rug from IKEA $6.99

Investing in a nice rug is more important than you think. Most dorms have hard floors that can get especially cold in the winter and worst than that is waking up and hitting that cold floor! To keep things environmentally friendly, these rugs are made from leftover fabric of Ikea’s bedlinen.

Become a Plant Parent

Artificial Plant in White Pot from Target $7.99

Having a live plant can be great practice in taking care of something. If your not ready for the commitment, a faux plant is just as cute. You can go crazy with the plants and never have to remember to water them. If your going for a more bohemian look, go with a cactus. If your style is relaxation, I suggest a nice faux bonsai tree. No faux plant is off limits!


Dress Your Walls

Scroll Wall Tapestries from Target $14.99

Wall decor is key in making the space. Empty walls can make a room feel small but with some prints it can make the space cozy. These tapestries come together and add some fun to the room. Target has a great selection of wall decor for any style.


 Extra Space  

Snidad Basket from IKEA $27.99

Decor that also doubles as storage is a great investment. It’s important to make smart choices when styling your room. Versatility is key and it’s a cool place for your blankets or magazines. This basket from IKEA is practical and stylish.



Find Your Light

Jansjo Work Lamp from IKEA $12.99

Lighting is everything. It can affect the mood of a room and how you feel. The more control over lighting the better. Set the mood for anytime of the day. This lamp is super flexible and allows you to focus the light where you need it. It’s LED powered so you never have change that light bulb.


Keep It Cozy

Ofelia Throw Blanket from IKEA $29.99

Dorm rooms can get really cold in the winter. An extra blanket is always a good idea to stay cozy. They are also a way to add texture to the room. A nice furry blanket can be an invitation for snuggles or bring a whole new feeling to the room. This blanket from IKEA is the perfect movie buddy.


Olivia is a rising sophomore at Goucher College, majoring in Sociology with a minor in French. Her all-time favorite book is Another Country by James Baldwin. She can’t start her day without a cup of green tea and her favorite podcast The Read. She Steps up for the chance to create more representation for people of color in the media and share her perspective.  


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