The Power of Female Friendship

October 11, 2018

Life can be exciting, frustrating, amazing, and confusing. Regardless of where we are in our lives or what’s happening, the people we include are the ones who make it brighter and more beautiful. These relationships we build reflect who we are and also who we hope to be. Friendships give us the space to spend time with people we love and appreciate. As women, the female friendships we develop are important.


Photo: Joseph Pearson on Unsplash 


Although all friendships have their own significance, there is something special and unique about female friendships. There is an understanding women share with each other that men don’t have.  We know what it’s like to live in the world as a woman, and that helps with perspective. This can translate into small things like hair and skin care tips or major topics like how to deal with catcalling and women’s health question. It’s always nice to talk about it with someone who understands.


As we continue to get older, it’s crucial that we grow and maintain female friendships, which can be difficult at times. Sometimes friendships begin at a common place like high school or college. Once we are past that period in our life, we can find women to connect with through clubs and classes in topics we have an interest in like writing or Pilates. Sometimes your work friendships can become long time friendships. Social media can also be a way to find a friend. Finding friendships in different ways can give you diverse opinions and the chance to learn new things.


Our female friendships give us examples of other women accomplishing their goals, even with gender discrimination. Maybe your friend is in an industry that is male dominated and she’s thriving. Maybe she left a relationship that wasn’t healthy for her. It’s also nice when there is a slight age difference between you and your friend. They might have already went through an experience you are facing now and can help you out. It’s common for people to expect women to only compete with each other, but it’s amazing when we empower and lift each other up.


On Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Christina always tell each other “You’re my person”. The television show itself is known to have overly dramatic situations. However, their friendship is realistic. They work together, grow up together, argue, and encourage each other. Their friendship had a major positive impact in their life and that’s how real life female friendships can be. Female friendships can wonderful additions to each our lives. We can support each other up and have fun.


​Olivia Pandora Stokes is 21 and entering her senior year as a business administration major, with a marketing concentration. She has a love of words, Netflix, and reading.She takes her coffee strong (Harvard scientists insist it's healthy for you) and her feminism intersectional. In the future Olivia Pandora plans write more and use business to create a positive impact in the world.


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