Planners That Will Help Make 2019 Your Most Organized Year Yet

January 18, 2019

Being in school with extracurricular activities or having a part time job can get very stressful. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of when you have work, what time your classes are or when your next exam is. Having a planner will make your life so much easier but also organized. These planners listed will help make 2019 your most organized year yet.


Bailey Shea Designs


Bailey Shea Designs have amazing planners for you to make sure you are ahead of all of your tasks and assignments. The great thing about these planners is you can customize to your liking. This Simply Yours Day Planner in Floral gives you the option of choosing a vertical layout or a horizontal layout. You can also have it personalized by engraving your name on the planner so that if you lose it in your dorm room, class room or even your home, anyone finds it will know right away that it’s yours. It comes with a full-year spread of your year in advance to allow you to know when the holidays are, spring break and so forth. In case floral isn’t your preference, they do have gold stripes. The sizes of these planners are 7 by 9 so they are definitely not bulky, heavy or too big to fit in your backpack. Each planner comes with a spiral coil binding to ensure that all your pages and spreads are safe and kept together. They also contain a shopping/to-do list to make sure you are on top of all of your responsibilities. Whether you use it for school, work, your personal life or all three, these planners are sure to help make 2019 your most organized year yet!


The Happy Planner


 Whether you like the regular planners that they have or the school edition, the Happy Planner is a great planner to keep you organized. With the school edition, they have the weekly layouts in vertical boxes but each day is broken down to seven sections to help you organize your classes and/or extracurricular activities. The biggest size that the school planner comes in is a “classic” size which is 7.75" x 9.75”. However, the non-school planners are still great. Instead of seven individual boxes for each day, there will be three but you are more than welcome to divide these boxes to smaller ones. These planners come in mini, classic and big. Big planners are sized 11.50" x 10.12" where you can place regular computer sized papers into your planner and the mini planners are sized 8.50" x 5.62" where you can easily carry them in your purse. The great thing about these happy planners are that they are customizable. You can move around sheets of paper, take sections out if they are too bulky, or even add more paper to your liking. The Happy Planner is a perfect planner to keep you organized while also giving you the ability to be creative with it. They can be found in Michael’s or on their actual website as well.


InkWell Press Planners



InkWell Press Planners are very similar to the Happy Planner. If you want to switch between the InkWell Press Planners or the Happy Planner, you are more than welcome to because the sheets/paper in the Happy Planner fit for the InkWell Press Planners, meaning they are both compatible with one another. The InkWell Press Planners only have one size which is the classic size so it’s ideal for anyone to does not want to carry around a bulky planner. With these planners, you can customize it to your needs. If you want a yearly planner, you can choose that. For example, if you want to be organized and held accountable on your goals, you can create a “goals” planner or you can create a “project” planner that specifically helps you with finishing projects on time.


Sugar Paper


These planners are spiral bound so they unfortunately are not customizable. However, these are perfect for anyone who likes the spiral bound type. These planners come with a monthly view, a weekly view and a notes section. You can use the monthly view to keep track of due dates, exam times, etc. You can use the weekly view for any weekly tasks that you need to accomplish. Their regular size is 7.5 x 9.25 inches but if you prefer a smaller size, they have it in 5.75 inches x 8.25 inches. You can use this planner to hold yourself accountable with your goals, tasks and assignments.


Moleskine Planners


Moleskine Planners do not have a spiral bound. They are more a book feel so this is great for anyone who likes planners in a form of a “book.” But they are still essential in keeping you organized. With these planners, you can choose which kind you want whether you want a weekly planner or a monthly planner. You can also choose which color works best for you. Each planner comes with a monthly calendar. For the weekly planner, each day is broken up into horizontal sections and contains a note page for each week for you to include reminders, tasks, assignments and so forth. Or you can use it to write about your day or remind yourself of what happened during each lecture.


Whether you want a planner that’s customizable or a planner with a spiral bound, these planners listed above will help you to stay organized for school, work, your personal life or any activities/volunteer work that you have. All of these planners come in different sizes and designs where you guys can choose whichever one to your liking. You can choose a monthly view to help you stay on track of dates or you can choose a weekly view to help you with with weekly tasks and assignments. These planners will help make 2019 your most organized year yet.


My name is Linda Tran. I'm 24 years old from Boston and I'm majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media at the Southern New Hampshire University. A fun fact about me is that I learned coding and HTML at the age of 11.


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