Let's Get Real: Something Wicca This Way Comes

January 20, 2019

I am sure a lot of people heard of Wicca from Charmed that starred, Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs or from any other witch show. My little sister joined the religion Wicca to my surprise. I was like wait, is it not some type of witch craft? What are you doing? You can’t join a witch craft, but she kept claiming it is not witchcraft. They pray to different Gods and have their own beliefs. I doubted her, until I came across a woman who graduated from my school named Laura. Laura is a divorced 30 year old woman who joined Wicca and said she enjoyed it.



 At the age of 21, Laura moved out of her mother’s Southern Baptist household and was trying to find her own way. She did not like being raised that way so she went out and explored her own spirituality and religion. Her first step into the world was across the street at the Unitarian Church. She was drawn to it by the close proximity of her house and by the fact that they were close in religion to what she was raised by. She liked that they sold sages, but besides that it did not really speak to her. Her second attempt was a Buddhist Temple that held yoga and meditation classes. She saw a pamphlet and went to get her ‘om’ on, only to find it empty which made her think maybe it’s not for her.


She Googled things in the area which led her to her third attempt, belly dancing. Even though she was not good at it, it was the setup for her Wicca phase. She met up with these Wicca woman at the belly dancing class, but she first met them at a bookstore. She was buying different books for rituals and prayers when they approached her to join their coven. This coven was called “The Golden Eagle”. Laura loved the different alters they had set up for the different Greek Gods and other Gods they worshipped. Her coven focused on Egyptian mythology. For her initiation they drew a circle and made her stand in it and look at all four directions because they meant something.  



The coven made up different spells. Rose Quartz was the crystal for love, so anything related to love was used by Rose Quartz crystal. For incense, she bought verderber, which was supposed to attract money to her. Each incense and crystal had its own use, and as long as it was for a reason, they were able to do the spells. Even though the spells were made up and they weren’t real, they wore different color cloaks for different spells when they prayed to different Gods. She was not really into it. She did it for the aesthetic. Just like everything else it came to an end a year later when she and her ex-husband moved. She tried it on her own after she moved, but after she exploded an incense burner from the fire being too strong, she realized she did not want to continue this and this type of religion was not for her.


Laura realized the spells, the cloaks, and the incense were not something she wanted to do forever. For her, it was something fun for her to do because her husband was in the military and was always away. She joined to have fun and stayed because she enjoyed it, but in the end, she realized that she doesn’t believe in anything. She had to face the fact that she is an atheist and she will be okay. She is following her passion of writing at 30 years old and is trying her hand at screen/script writing. For her, Wicca is a thing in the past.   


Angel Alexander is a junior at UCF who loves writing ever since she was in middle school. She has a passion for it that was coursing through her veins. Because of that she decided to leave psychology behind and pursue a writing career as a screenwriter and a novelist. It’s going to take longer because she waited longer but she has a determination that will never fade and that is to accomplish her dreams of becoming a writer and seeing people love what she makes for tv and for novels.


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