Let's Get Real: Modeling Your Way Into Life

February 5, 2019

Modeling your way into life is exactly what this 19 year old Australian, Mei Dyson, is doing. In 2017, she changed her life and became a model. Not the models you see on runways, but free styling modeling. Photographers takes photos of her doing the craziest things and dressed in the craziest things, but she loves that about her job. She also loves that she gets to travel all over the world. She modeled in nine countries like and all of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. She has never been to America though, and can’t wait until she gets the opportunity to explore American land.



Mei got recruited by Ian Turley, who scouted Miranda Kerr. She found his website and emailed him which led to meetings, photos, measurements and deciding if she is a good fit. She turned out to be a perfect fit. Mei models for different fashion brands also helps out amateur photographers so they can get their business up and running. An average day for her will be getting covered head to toe in paint, jumping into the ocean fully clothed at 5am or rolling around in sand dunes after sunset. Just like everyone else there are parts she also hates about her job. For example, she hates waking up for sunrise shoots and uncomfortable positions. Sometimes, she has to lay on sharp branches and in the mud. What aggravates her the most are the male photographers that do not respect her as a female model.


When there are downsides, there are also upsides. She always sees the good in modeling. Getting the chance to travel all over the world, choosing her own work schedule, being able to go wherever she wants whenever she wants and meeting new people are the perks she gets for being a model. The one type of modeling she said she didn’t like too much was runway modeling. She loved it because she never gets nervous, but she doesn't like the preparation that happens for the catwalk. They have you go on these insane diets. The people in charge also goes around yelling at everyone. She would rather be photographed than get yelled at or go on diets.


Mei had other plans before she became a model. She said if she doesn’t become a senior model, she would definitely go back to those plans. She studied law and also wanted to become a second language English teacher. It would be something she would consider doing if modeling stopped working out. Mei also wouldn’t mind being a housewife with multiple children, while her boyfriend/future husband, a physiotherapist, works. Most importantly, Mei loves what she does and she loves the camera. This is the dream she does not plan on giving up any time soon.


Angel Alexander is a junior at UCF who loves writing ever since she was in middle school. She has a passion for it that was coursing through her veins. Because of that she decided to leave psychology behind and pursue a writing career as a screenwriter and a novelist. It’s going to take longer because she waited longer but she has a determination that will never fade and that is to accomplish her dreams of becoming a writer and seeing people love what she makes for tv and for novels.


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