Easy Workouts You Can Do In Your Dorm Room

February 9, 2019

I know there are a lot of people who are inspired and prepared to be a healthier version of themselves in this new year, but how is that even possible if you have just enough space in your room for your bed, dresser and a poor excuse for a desk? Fear not my friends, it can be done. Here are five easy workouts you can do right in your dorm room to show those new year’s resolutions who is boss.


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Leg raises: Lie flat on your back in your bed with legs straight and arms tucked straight underneath your seat. Lift your legs up to a 90 degree angle, then lower to a 45 degree angle, then lower further until your feet are hovering above the ground. Do about 20 reps of this if you want to feel this tomorrow morning. This exercise really targets the core and your abdominals.



Glute bridge: Lie flat on your back with legs bent and bottom of feet resting on the floor. Push rear off of the ground by grounding your feet into the floor and pushing. Slowly lower back down without letting rear meet the floor again until you are done with this exercise. Do about 15 reps for that perky butt of your dreams. This particular movement focuses on the upper thigh and rear.



Leg circles: Lie flat on your back with one leg resting on the ground and the other straight in the air at a 90 degree angle. Move your leg in mini circles for about 20 seconds, keeping that leg as straight as you possibly can. Then, try switching directions. Switch legs and repeat for 10 reps to get those Carrie Underwood legs. This exercise is amazing for not only your legs but also your core and flexibility.


Tricep dips: Get that desk chair out and place your hands shoulder width apart. Slide your butt off the edge of the chair and straighten your legs out onto the floor. Bend arms until your elbow is 90 degrees, leaving the majority of the weight in your triceps. Try and keep your back in the upright position. Straighten your arms by pressing down into the chair. Repeat for 20 reps. This movement is amazing at getting rid of that pesky arm flab. Time to get those sleeveless tops out because you are going to be ready for them after this workout.



Bird dogs: Get on all fours on your knees on the ground with your back parallel to the ground. Raise your right arm, keeping it straight, until it is as tall as your nose. At the same time raise a straightened leg on the opposite side to about the height of your head. Repeat for 25 reps. This exercise targets your lower back, arms, legs, and even your obliques. You will be sure to feel the burn after doing this workout properly.


Now you can stick to those irksome new year’s resolutions without having to even leave your dorm room. You cannot get much more convenient than that, people. Thanks for reading my five exercises that can be done in even the smallest of rooms. Now get off the computer and get to that workout. What are you waiting for?


Jamie has been writing ever since... well ever since she could physically write. She loved the control of it. The power to create anything and everything and the power to take it all away. She loved how it made her feel. She still does. She has a slightly unhealthy infatuation with Frida Kahlo (But she is not a bandwagon). She doesn't have her hair the same color for very long, only partially due to the fact that she fears commitment. She lives by the words of Ernest Hemingway: "Destroyed but not Defeated" from one of her favorite books, The Old Man and the Sea. She is passionate about dissolving the stigma surrounding mental health issues and hopes to be an advocate for those suffering from a mental illness.





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