How To Style Tank Tops in the Winter

February 24, 2019

There is nothing better than clothes you can wear all year round. I feel ecstatic when I realize I don’t have to put away my summer clothes. Basics are easy to style and tank tops might be the most versatile trend there is.


Photo: Judy Ha


From wearing them tucked into denim shorts in the summer to layering them with oversized cardigans in the fall- there are so many combination of outfits you can create with tank tops.


A look that I’ve been loving recently is a tank top over a simple t-shirt. I don’t mean a basic, plain cami but one with more details to amp up your old tee. I came across a sheer, lacy tank top at Zara and knew exactly how I was going to style it.


     Photo: Judy Ha


I came home and immediately raided my closet to find all my basics from band t-shirts to plain white tees and then I found the funkiest patterned pants I own (Denim mom jeans would also look great). I paired my high waisted plaid pants with a cropped plain white tee which made my tank top stand out as I tuck it into my pants. It added more detail than you think it would’ve and is a chance to put a spin on this trendy style.



You can easily create a new look while still rocking the simple tee shirt and jeans by layering it with a tank on top, tucked into your pants. It’s a great way to put your tank tops to use in the winter.


Judy is an 18 year old communication student who would love to see the world. You can find her with either her nose in a book, dancing in the kitchen at 12AM or at her local breakfast diner. She is always laughing or smiling and has always had a passion for writing, photography and fashion. Judy is a simple girl who appreciates the small things.


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