Your Guide To Conquering Frostbite This Winter

March 3, 2019

Being in the North East of the United States - or just anywhere it snows in the winter - can be rough. As a woman who chose to move from Arizona where it’s perpetually sunny and hot, I have learned several tips and tricks for staying warm. And because it’s so cold in New England, I’ve been exercising them regularly and will share them with you.


Photo: Aaron Burden on Unsplash



Hot food is a must

While  I’m someone who can crave ice cream and smoothies when it’s 15 degrees outside (just turn the heat in your house on high if you’re like me), it’s important to eat meals that make your body warm up. Hot and spicy foods are known stimulants for jump-starting circulation in the body which raises your body temperature. So whether you’re outside in the cold or indoors and don’t have great central heating, eating hot foods like soup and more complex carbohydrates that require more work to digest will make you warm and toasty in no time.


Warm clothing is an investment you won’t regret

Whether you’re living in a cold climate temporarily or going to school like me, investing in your winter wardrobe is a must. A coat that insulates your own body heat has a feather down material and will keep your torso warm. In addition to a great coat, there are the other important cold weather accessories: hats, scarves, and boots. Most body heat escapes through the top of your head and feet, so covering these places while you’re out, especially if you have a hairstyle that’s short, will keep the warmth from escaping your body. Something I actually didn’t realize until a few years ago is how important a scarf can be and what a difference it can make. Having your neck exposed versus having it cocooned in a wrap of flannel or wool will make a huge difference during your morning commute, especially when it’s cold and windy.


Bedding, blankets, and brew

If you’re a coffee addict like me, you will use any excuse to drink it - any season, anywhere. But according to research studies, the style of the coffee (iced or hot) doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of warming up. The caffeine in a drink is what causes your metabolism to speed up, which encourages your body to burn what it’s ingesting. Even if you prefer iced coffee in the winter, it can still help keep you warm! In addition, keep yourself snuggly at night with a fluffy down duvet and a pile of blankets. You can never have too many blankets; they’re good for decor purposes and for any season. So cozy up with a cup of coffee and a cocoon of blankets.


I hope that you found this guide to conquering frostbite helpful and that these tips will help you stay warm through this winter. And just remember that spring and summer are just around the corner, so we’ll all be nice and comfortable soon enough.


Unless you have a lot of time to spare, don't start a book conversation with Maxine, because she can talk for hours. She's an avid reader, primarily contemporary romance, but every once in a while she'll pick up a suspenseful thriller. She's been writing since high school, mostly fiction, and thinking of characters and situations to put them in for as long as she can remember. Her motto is "everyone deserves love," and therefore her dream is to help push representation for different races, disorders, and disabilities in the romance genre.


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