How to Make a Car Emergency Kit

March 7, 2019

It is always ideal to be prepared in any situation. You spill your coffee in the car and realize an emergency kit with everyday necessities is important to have. Besides roadside emergency tools like jumper cables, a first aid kit, a flashlight, or a tool kit, it’s essential to have an emergency car kit in your glovebox. Car organizers are also a must. Click here for some great options!


 Photo: Erik Mclean on Unsplash


If you are a light packer, you might think it’s “extra” to keep the following items in your car, but from time to time you will find yourself in need of any one of these:




If you experience the winter time where you live, be prepared for the cold. And if you're looking for a five dollar scarf, we got you covered! Just click here


Water bottle


To stay on top of hydration. 


Hand Sanitizer


If you touched something unsanitary and can’t get to a bathroom to wash your hands or the bathroom ran out of soap, sanitizer will help you achieve cleaner hands! Keep one on your key chain, backpack and car.



Lotion/Body Fragrance



Lotion to rehydrate your skin when you feel dry. Keep a body mist in your car to spray one last time before going out. This option under $5 is bomb. 





When it comes to body odor, the armpits are usually the first area we think of.


SPF Sunscreen


I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to protect your skin from the sun. Even in the winter, the sun’s UVA rays can still cause damage to your skin. Click here for one that doubles as a lotion!





Napkins have a variety of uses but in case you picked up a friend with allergies or you forgot to ask for napkins in the bag.




Food items such as granola bars, pretzels, crackers, chips. I once opened up my friends glovebox to find peanut butter, jelly and a bag of sliced bread. This car organizer is a life saver. 


Keep in mind when you pack these things, it doesn’t mean you should wait to wear sunscreen in the car or to apply deodorant or put on your winter gear then. These emergency items are for when you leave the house and forget!


Judy is an 18 year old communication student who would love to see the world. You can find her with either her nose in a book, dancing in the kitchen at 12AM or at her local breakfast diner. She is always laughing or smiling and has always had a passion for writing, photography and fashion. Judy is a simple girl who appreciates the small things.


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