Should the Electoral College be Abolished?

March 10, 2019

“We the people in order to form a more perfect union”…. We the people, we the people.


“We the people” is set to represent us as the general public that aren’t associated with the government. Voting is said to be run by we the people, but is it really?



Photo: Element5 Digital on Unsplash


It can be argued that our votes don’t really count. That no matter how many billions of votes we put in the end result doesn’t matter. The young generation is less likely to vote in the presidential election than the state election. This is due to the ratio of votes that are being weighed. Another reason is because of the Electoral College.


The Electoral College has the power to out vote the popular vote. So, this means we can all vote for the president we want, but the government can overrule and put the person they want into office.


If the US government is just going to put who they want in office, do we really have a democratic voting system? In this previous election, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but the Electoral College voted in Donald Trump. We the people wanted Hillary, but we got what our government wanted instead.


This begs the question then should the Electoral College be abolished in order to be a complete democratic government system? In many other countries, governments are the prime determiners as to who will rise next to power. US says that they allow the people to choose who rises next. In reality, our government chooses just like other, nondemocratic, countries.


Two presidents that were elected in by the college were president George W. Bush and Donald Trump. These are probably the two most well-known presidents that have won by the Electoral College vote, and not by popular vote.


Should we simply go off the popular vote? If we aim to be a fully democratic country, the answer is yes. Abolishing the Electoral College will most more than likely increase the number in voters each year. It will push us further into calling ourselves a free country. Lastly, it will give the people of the United States power. We the people vote and our voices should be heard. 


The world is an open road to explore. Emily Vincent’s goal is to explore the world, and find all the hidden treasures in it. She has traveled through the east coast, being places like Washington DC, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Delaware, and New Jersey to name a few. Her goal is to travel out west next. Art and music is one of the many treasures Ms. Vincent likes to touch on. She has written articles about local music, family history, and covered concerts. Emily Vincent is attending Rollins College. She has future plans to be a travel writer after she graduates. Right now she is bringing local travel stories from near and far. She will never stop going.




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