How to Prepare for Life After College

March 16, 2019

Exploring your interests, aptitudes, personality and values is important , as they can help you figure out what kind of career would be the best for you. It can also help you get a wide range of career opportunities. Taking different classes in  college can also help you to decide what you want to do and will help you to take the time to really do some research. After all, part of the college experience is figuring out what your next step in life will be.



Photo: Pang Yuhao on Unsplash


Planning is also a very good strategy to have. Build a path for yourself; maybe even keep a journal with your plan. Have an objective or outcome that you want to reach. This will ultimately give you more insight into what you want to do. Some students have difficulties writing their first resume, but this is an important part of planning and preparing for life after college. A helpful tool for recent grads building their resumes is QuickStart Resume Templates at


Another way you could prepare yourself for industry is to intern at a couple different places you are interested in. Interning is a great way to get experience and enhance your resume. In addition,  interning will allow you to get real world experience, and an opportunity to assess whether the particular field you are considering is the right one for you.


 Ultimately, don’t forget to practice. Strengthen your interviewing skills. Interviewing with different companies allows you to express your ideas to future employers. Practice makes perfect, so before interviewing, ask a friend or family member to have a mock interview session with you, so that you are prepared in a real interview . Don't forget to have fun; while planning your life after college can come with challenges it will also open new doors for you, and you will meet different types of people along the way. Following these steps is a good way to help you through your journey after college.


 Sabrina Christine attended California State University East Bay and received her B.A in Liberal and minor in psychology. She’s also planning on getting her B.A in computer science this year. She currently works online teaching English to students. For fun she loves to take long walks with her English Lab, and enjoy the sunset.

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