A College Student’s Guide to Shopping at Costco

March 24, 2019

Shopping at Costco does not have to be frustrating. Just because there are so many bulk items that are priced on the high side does not mean that a savvy shopper can’t use strategy to save money. It’s important to know what you want and where the savings are when shopping at Costco.



First of all, buying in bulk can be advantageous.  It is well known that stocking up on items is the way you can save money at Costco.  Indeed, you can save money while shopping at Costco by purchasing large orders that will be used over a large period of time. Instead of buying over and over again, these items don’t have to be bought for quite some time. And of course, this is where the saving comes from, as you are not purchasing repeatedly. Naturally it helps if there are roommates to share the cost, but either way buying in bulk is a great way to save money.


Additionally, Costco has good deals on healthy TV dinners that can be eaten over a period of time. This not only saves money because you're purchasing these meals in bulk but also saves time since you're not going back and forth to the store. This kind of eating prevents the temptation of running to a fast food place when hungry, and healthy TV dinner can simply be heated up on the stove.


Costco also has great prices on fresh fruit.  However, there is a catch: fruit spoils quickly so unless you're sharing the price with someone else you may want to stick to fruit that keeps well such as apples and oranges.  Still, there are some great bargains in the fruit department to consider.


Items like detergent, shampoo, soap that are used on a constant basis can really be a cost saver when bought from Costco. When you consider that a bottle of dish detergent is over 3 dollars per 16 ounce at a regular grocery store and you can get over 3 times that amount at Costco for about 6 dollars, you start to realize how much you money you save. This is true for many items at Costco. It’s a matter of devising a strategy of buying in bulk.


Lastly, Costco is notorious for serving sample food in the aisles. Skip lunch at home and indulge in the variety of foods that Costco offers for free. You'll save money and you can decide what you like and don't like before buying it.


Sabrina Christine attended California State University East Bay and received her B.A in Liberal and minor in psychology. She’s also planning on getting her B.A in computer science this year. She currently works online teaching English to students. For fun she loves to take long walks with her English Lab, and enjoy the sunset.


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