The Best Kind of Jobs To Have in College

April 5, 2019

Thinking about having a job while in college? Well, you want to make sure that you land the right one. Making money could help you save up and buy necessities  that you need while pursuing your degree, but at the same time you want to be able to focus on your college assignments and give school your best effort. Below are the types of jobs that will provide you with experience and extra cash without taking away from school and studying.


Photo: Satria Perkasa on Unsplash 


You may want to investigate part-time teaching or tutoring. There are tons of part-time after-school programs that need teachers. You could also work part time during the day, at a preschool. This provides future teachers with a great way to network. It also gives teaching experience without interfering with regular work hours. There are also ways to teach online. Tutor sites such as Chegg, Study Group and Skill Share offer great money and are very flexible with time. Since time’s our most valuable asset, having a job like this provides the flexibility you need to get other things accomplished.


If you love fitness, this next suggestion might be a great match for you. Try and apply to be a receptionist at a yoga studio or at a fitness center. Some of these types of companies offer discounts to their employees. Additionally, you don’t need that much experience to apply to one of these jobs, and it is a great way to save money. Furthermore, this type of job offers various hours that would accommodate a full-time college schedule. Not only would you be making decent money, this opportunity could open up many other doors for you in the work world.


Another great job to have while going to college would be a sales associate at places like local retail stores or gourmet food shops. This is a great way to learn how to run a business, and believe it or not, most employers love it when they see customer service on a resume. It shows that you are aware of how a business should be run and how to work with other people. Sales associate jobs may not pay the most, but they will give you tons of experience and look great on your resume, which is a big advantage when thinking of your eventual career search.


If you’re out and about looking for a job that will give you experience and some cash on the side, try looking into one of these occupations. The jobs mentioned here offer great experience and are flexible enough to allow you stay focused on your studies. Most of us needs a reliable source of income while trying to meet the demands of our college studies. Looking for a job opportunity is very important, but looking for a job opportunity that is flexible and compatible with you is just as important.


Sabrina Christine attended California State University East Bay and received her B.A in Liberal and minor in psychology. She’s also planning on getting her B.A in computer science this year. She currently works online teaching English to students. For fun she loves to take long walks with her English Lab, and enjoy the sunset.


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