A Guide to Starting Your Own Business

April 6, 2019

Every year many new businesses start their legacies. Anything from the bottle of lotion that promises to grow back that overly thin eyebrow to the food delivery service that makes cooking a little more enjoyable. The thing is that some ideas succeed and others fail. What do people do to make their businesses thrive?


Photo: You X Ventures on Unsplash 




The truth begins before the business is officially on the market. A lot of strategy and market research is done prior to starting a business. After all, it’s essential for there to be a market for your business. In order for you to thrive, someone needs to want or need your product or service. Research includes forecasting profit and expenses. It includes the any needed loans and potential partnerships as well. There is no way to know absolutely everything about the industry or how the business will really do before it’s started, but all these things help in making the adventure a little less stressful. It’s also important to forecast so that there’s a goal that the business strives for.




The next step is to figure out who to sell to and how to sell the product or service to this people group. This is something that is done before, during, and after starting a business. Even for a business that is for everyone, like a restaurant, it’s still important to spell out who you are selling to in order to know how to best market to them. After all, most older adults and young teens don’t find the same things enjoyable or as enticing. For example, if you are selling cleaning services to young adults, maybe an ad about someone coming to clean up before your significant other comes over would catch their attention. If you are geared towards older people, you would talk about the physical strain and time spent on cleaning that would disappear with one, simple subscription. You can focus on how the cleaning service relieves you of that effort at a low cost. A business makes their customer feel they need their product, or at least really want it. That’s why TV ads have a record for being effective. They propose a need and a call for action. But wait, there’s more!


Call to action


The business knows it’s customer base, has figured out how to market it, now the next step is to produce a call to action. Getting someone to want something is useless unless they purchase the item. Creating a call to action includes making coupons, buy 1 get 1 deals, and more. One of the best ways to create a call to action, however, is to give your customer a discount or free item if they like your social media page, make a comment, or something of that nature. Social media marketing is one of the best, cheapest ways to get the business recognized. Almost everyone using social media loves the simplicity of it, and it has become the new “word of mouth” marketing. In this way, you are making a profit and marketing all at the same time. More money, less work. Sounds pretty good.


Businesses are everywhere and people keep creating new ones. The most important thing to do is explain how the business compares to other ones in that industry. How is it different? How is it better? What’s new? It is also important to keep researching, keep marketing, and keep raising desire to use the business.


Alizah Acosta is a passionate writer from the cold corner of America, better known as the Northeast. She recently graduated from Clarks Summit University with a bachelors degree. She uses the experiences and skills she has acquired and puts them in her work. Writing is not just a career, but a form of communication and an art. Writing is about showing this art form in a conveying and meaningful way.


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