Songs I Listen to When I'm Having an Anxiety Attack

April 12, 2019

Ever since I was young, I suffered from anxiety and it got worse throughout the years. My anxiety was at its worst when I was in high school but thankfully, during college and to this day, I’ve been able to handle my anxiety in a healthy way. Sometimes, I’ll have an anxiety attack out of nowhere and to control that, I listen to songs that help me calm down, especially when I am in public. I narrowed down the songs I like to listen to whenever I’m having an anxiety attack to my favorite top 3 songs that I play over and over.


 Photo: Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash 


Breathin’ by Ariana Grande

Many of you may know this song from it being on the radio all the time but honestly, after Ariana released this song, I listen to it anytime I feel anxious, and especially when I’m having an anxiety attack. One of my biggest issues when I’m feeling anxious is that I stop breathing or I feel like I can’t breathe. The song is a nice reminder for me to “just keep breathin’ and breathin’.” I tend to hyperventilate and overthink that my heart is beating faster and harder than it should be. But truthfully, whenever I listen to the song, I stop for a moment to just breathe in and out, because sometimes, that’s essentially what I need, a reminder to just breathe. And that’s what the song is about, helping you to breathe during times where you feel like you can’t.


I Wanna Get Better by The Bleachers
This song holds a personal meaning to the lead singer of the band, Jack Antonoff, and it also holds a personal meaning to me. Whenever I have an anxiety attack, I always think it is the end of the world and I start to overthink the situation. I tend to freak out and believe that my life is in danger, and that I will not overcome my anxiety attack. I listen to I Wanna Get Better every now and then when I feel like I am at my lowest point. I hate the feeling of being defeated. So when Jack sings, “I didn't know I was broken 'til I wanted to change. I wanna get better, better, better,” it makes me think of how I personally did not think anything was wrong with me until I realized that I needed to change my ways. Whenever I have an anxiety attack, I always think of the worst in myself and always believe it may lead to a panic attack. I have this song in a quick and accessible playlist on my phone that I can easily listen to whenever I have doubts of getting better or whenever I have doubts of moving past this anxiety attack. I keep telling myself, “I wanna get better,” so that I am not defined by my anxiety and that I can continue to live my life.


Fight Song by Rachel Platten
This song is one of my favorite songs to listen to whenever I am feeling anxious or I feel defeated. I am a huge fan of the lyrics. I think they are uplifting and empowering. I personally love listening to songs that make me feel empowered and that motivate me to want to get my life together. I grew up thinking my anxiety was going to consume my life and that it was going to control me. I still feel that way sometimes but I no longer let my anxiety take control of me. When Rachel sings, “This is my fight song / Take back my life song,” it makes me feel like I am in control of my life and that I am stronger than I put myself out to be. The upbeat production also helps to put me in a better mood whenever I am having an anxiety attack.


Personally, these three songs have helped my anxiety levels to die down whether I’m in my room or out in public. They make me feel like everything is going to be alright and that I am in control of my life. Listening to music is my way of calming myself down whenever I am having an anxiety attack and it has helped me to get back on my feet whenever I feel like I am at my lowest point.


My name is Linda Tran. I'm 24 years old from Boston and I'm majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media at the Southern New Hampshire University. A fun fact about me is that I learned coding and HTML at the age of 11.


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