Your Guide to Making an Awesome Protest Sign

April 14, 2019


If you’re going to participate in a protest anytime soon, you have to know how to make an awesome protest sign. The creativity and effectiveness of a protest sign says a lot about the protest itself. If it looks too much like an arts and crafts project made by a fifth grader, it gets brushed aside and ignored because who wants to look at a poorly made sign. If it is too bold and in your face, then it’s not read because it’s trying too hard to be seen. There has to be a perfect medium to get the right amount of attention. Here’s a couple tips to help you get there:


Board Size & Color

The size of your poster board is important. If you choose one that is too small, then it will not be seen not matter how high you try to hold it. You also cannot chose one that is going to be too big because then you can barely walk around with it. The size best depends on the size most comfortable for you to handle. Now, let’s talk about color. Color is one of those things that are vital when making a protest sign. You have to take into consideration the color of the poster board itself and the color of the writing used on the sign. If your board and writing are both bright colors, then it will not be a good sight for those reading your sign because they can’t see anything on it. If you care more about the words, then remember this….CONTRAST IS THE KEY! What this means is that if you get a black sign then use white letters to make them stand out more and vice versa.


Spacing & Length

Spacing is very important when plotting your words on your protest sign. They need to be spaced out a good amount to make sure it does not look crowded. The idea of short and sweet comes into play as well. The message on your protest sign should be short and sweet meaning less words to convey a stronger message. A few words is much more beneficial than trying to fit an entire sentence or mini paragraph. Long messages do not catch the attention of bystanders watching the protest.


Presentation Matters

While you have done everything else remember there is one more thing to keep in mind. How you present yourself and your sign come is important. Bystanders and journalists are watching and might take your picture. Represent your cause well and reflect that in the effort you put into your protest sign.


Material & Passion

When you complete your protest sign, make sure to think about how you’re going to carry your sign around. Are you going to hold it in your hands or attach a wooden plank to it? You want to be comfortable and safe as you make your voice heard. Make sure to take these things into consideration when making your protest sign and have an amazing time protesting for what you believe in. Be the people to make the changes that our countries need!


Anthony is a Senior in College studying Political Science and preparing for a career in Communications. He enjoys learning about the world around him and ways to make it better.


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