How to Reduce Stress Naturally

April 15, 2019

Physical and mental health go hand in hand. Taking proper care of your physical self can lead to better mental health and stress reduction. Try some of these easy steps below to reduce stress naturally and feel better and more energized throughout the day.


Photo: Alex Blăjan on Unsplash  


1. Exercise


Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day can help you sleep better at night. It also can help you focus a lot better in school or at work. The release of endorphins in the body during exercise combats stress and negativity. Many times falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper can be common with an increase in daily exercise. One fun way to throw in a little bit of exercise to your daily routine is to take study or work breaks by throwing on some music, funky lights, and dancing. This can help to re energize you and make you much more productive when you return to your work.

2. Music


There are many different forms of relaxing music out there for all different tastes. Whether that be alternative, bohemian, or even just white noise, listening to music can clear your mind and take the focus away from any stress you might have.



3. Essential oils for better sleep


Lavender essential oil can help you relax faster and sleep deeper. Spritzing your pillow with essential oils is a great way to experience these benefits first hand by their relaxation properties. Start by finding a clean spray bottle (if you can not find one around your home, they are sold at most stores that carry cleaning products for about $2) fill the bottle with two cups of water and add about 6 drops of essential oil. Lavender essential oil is great for sleep and relaxation, while others such as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree work great as well.


4. Read a good book


A good book is very important in order to unwind and destress in your free time. Reading a book focuses your mind on the storyline and allows you to relax and take a break from normal day to day stress in your life. The time you spend reading a book is time you spend away from your phone; reducing the time you spend looking at your phone reduces the amount of harsh blue light from your eyes. Less exposure to blue light can sometimes result in less headaches and make sleep much easier.


5. Get outside


Outdoor activities help you breathe in fresh air and soak up vitamin D, which has been proven to boost moods and prevent depression. It is important to get outside at least once per day. Exercise outside is especially great because it will release endorphins while simultaneously allowing your body to absorb vitamin D.


6. Take a hot bath or shower


Taking a hot bath or shower can also help you relax. The warm water can wash your worries away and add bubbles to forget they even existed in the first place! This can be a very relaxing way to wind down a very busy day before going to bed. It is important to calm your mind before bed so when you do eventually try to sleep you are able to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. These are all easy and natural ways to reduce day to day stress. They take up little time and can have a positive impact of you health. Working just a few into your daily routine is a great step towards de stressing!



Emma Bates is a Student at the University of Vermont majoring in Political Science. She is very passionate about women’s rights and equality. In her free time you can find her reading, drinking tea, and hiking in the Adirondack Mountains. Emma aspires to one day go to law school and use her educational platform to create social change.


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