How Real Can We Get?

April 18, 2019

Have you ever had a friend that was suffering from bulimia? I was waiting to go out and party once when my friend said she had to go get ready and make sure she had room to stuff her face and drink for the night. I didn’t know what she meant until she started vomiting in the bathroom. I looked at her when she exited the room and wanted to say something, but what do I say in that position?


Photo: Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash 


I know someone who is struggling with finances and is trying to keep it together. She has a weekend getaway to California planned with her sisters and is now trying to pay for things while also making sure she saves her money for ICE. These situations are becoming harder and harder to endure.. She is now considering leaving her credit card at home and not paying for anything besides her bills. She is considering getting another part time job but is hoping she won’t have to because maybe, just maybe, her boss will give her more hours. The pay is great so she’s decided  to ask for more hours when she goes in to see her.


I know someone who is not living a good life with her boyfriend. She is hoping for something better and is now heading back home from her vacation. She is not happy about what her life turned out to be while she was on vacation. Her boyfriend is not the best person, and her best friend tries to tell her that she deserves better. I believe the best friend can only do so much for her friend before she just needs to let her get hurt on her own. I always suggest:do what you can and then just let people live their own life.


I mean, there are so many stories that I can keep telling, but I guess the question is--How REAL Can We Get?


Angel Alexander is a junior at UCF who loves writing ever since she was in middle school. She has a passion for it that was coursing through her veins. Because of that she decided to leave psychology behind and pursue a writing career as a screenwriter and a novelist. It’s going to take longer because she waited longer but she has a determination that will never fade and that is to accomplish her dreams of becoming a writer and seeing people love what she makes for tv and for novels.


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